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Jul 11, 2007 11:44 PM

Suggest restaurant for Sat. lunch w/ young kids near Jarvis & Dundas?

I'm trying to organize a saturday lunch with a bunch of friends, a few of which have small children ranging from ages 1-5 yrs old.

Preferably within a 10-15 min drive from the Jarvis & Dundas area in Toronto.

Any kind of cuisine is find, so long as the restaurant isn't too cramped or overly pricey.

One person suggested Lai Wah Heen, but I'm worried it may scare a few people away simply due to the cost.


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  1. Lai Wah Heen??? Are you kidding me? For 1-5 year olds? This is a very high end (read very expensive) Chinese restaurant with white linen tablecloths and formal service!

    How about Frans which is a big, family style resto at Victoria at Shuter? Basic food (breakfast, club sandwiches, grilled cheese etc).

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    1. re: GRobin

      Haven't been to that Fran's location but the other one is mainly booths - so not suitable for anything other than a small group. I agree with the choice though (eve though the food is not memorable) - but call to see if they have a suitable space.

      1. re: estufarian

        They do have tables that I've seen them pull together for big groups! Especially if you call ahead.
        I also second Terroni's, mentioned below.

    2. how about Terroni's on Victoria Street?

      1. Lai Wah Heen, while fantastic, isn't exactly the kind of restaurant you bring your toddlers to. Somehow, I think that lobster and asparagus steamed dumplings would fly right over their heads at that age.

        Sticking to the dim sum theme, I'd recommend trying either Rol San on Spadina or Rainbow on Dundas. Both are close to the Spadina/Dundas intersection, and are much more family-friendly. I find that Rol San gets packed fast, so if you're a large party, you may have more luck at Rainbow. However, the selection at Rol San is definitely the better of the two.

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        1. re: tartiflette

          When I last tried going to Rainbow a few months back, a new restaurant was in it's place. I think it may have been a seafood restaurant - potentially Vietnamese? Anyone know any more details?

          1. re: Delish

            Say it ain't so? I was last there a little less than 2 months ago, so it's entirely possible it may have turned over since then.

            1. re: tartiflette

              Craving some Dim Sum this weekend, we decided to try take a closer look at was Rainbow Restaurant. It is now called "Noble Seafood Restaurant" and it looks the exact same inside, seems to have the same staff, and still serves up high quality food.

              1. re: Delish

                *insert sound of relief here* As long as the food is the same, they can change their name as much as they like! :)

        2. How about the Mill St. Brew Pub in the Distillery District? Very kid friendly, reasonably priced, and a bonus -- beer for the adults. :o)

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          1. re: TorontoJo

            Even though it's a "pub", do they allow kids? Is it very loud as well (i.e. blaring music, etc)? Sounds like a good possibility, since I really like going to the area for all the free outdoor jazz (my 2 yr old son dances to it all the time) and we're kinda getting bored of going to dim sum all the time.

            1. re: Royaljelly

              Terroni's...I like the Mill Street Pub, kids don't appreciate jazz until they're at least 40 years old

              1. re: Royaljelly

                Yep, they most definitely allow kids, and you'll see quite a few during weekend brunch/lunch times. It's loud, but not obnoxiously so. Mostly it's just the sounds of the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant with high ceilings and very little fabric! If the weather is nice, you can get a table out on the patio.

                And you can always make a stop at Soma to get that dark chocolate you were looking for!

            2. What about Casey's in the Hotel (Best Western?) at Jarvis and Dundas? They have beer, and typical chain resto food that could satisfy everyone.