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Jul 11, 2007 11:27 PM

Armenian Cucumber, any recipe ideas?

Got two gorgeous Armenian Cucumbers in my CSA box today. Couldn't find any recipes online. Although I did learn that they are more closely related to the melon family and are called cucumbers more for their shape. But as for recipes, any thoughts?

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  1. I just eat them cold with a sprinkle of salt. They're too tasty to mess with.

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      True it was very tasty on it's own. We made a Tuscan Bread Salad and it was a great ingredient. We used heirloom tomatoes that also came in the box. The Armenian Cucumber has a mellow flavor, a little bit lemony. Super delicious.

      1. re: sgwood415

        Ooh, good call on the panzanella. I'll try that soon!

        1. re: sgwood415

          We also got "Armenian Cucumbers" in our CSA box today. I never knew these cukes, which look and taste exactly like "regular" cucumbers, were called "Armenian". I always thought Armenians were the curly, ridged, light chartreusy cukes.

          They were good, though.

          1. re: oakjoan

            My Armenian Cucumbers didn't look like regular ones. They were very long and a little curly with a ridged skin, looked like someone scored them or something. They tasted mellower than regular cukes and had a citrusy note. Sounds like you got something different.

            1. re: sgwood415

              I don`t know if your into canning or not but you can different styles of pickles
              out of those.

              1. re: bigjimbray

                Everything I read about them said that they are not good for pickling.

      2. One of my favorite cucumber salads is just seeded/halved and sliced. Mix with some sour cream and fresh chopped tarragon or dill. Refreshing and a good foil to hot/spicey foods.

        Armenian cukes have dull, light-green ridged skin and a very tapered tip. Like these:

        Japanese cukes are dark green with a shiny, prickly skin, but roughly the same shape. They are the ones in the supermarket shrink-wrapped as "hothouse" cukes.

        Both types are mild and so-called 'burpless'. I find removing the seeds from any kind of cuke keeps them from 'repeating'.

        1. We've had them in our CSA box the last two weeks. I used one tonight with dinner...tossed with some champagne vinegar, just a touch of sugar, salt, pepper, and some Mexican Key Lime olive oil I had. Went well next to some grilled halibut.

          1. Made a Vietnamese beef dish and tossed them in. It was great. Stir fried some strips of steak (NY), tossed them with shallots (lightly sauteed), a lime juice, chili & soy marinade. Chilled the whole thing then tossed in the diced cukes just before serving.

            We had it over rice but I think it'd be better over cold asian noodles.

            1. May I suggest Armenian Jazjik. Take the cucumber peel it and cut into bite size pieces. Add plain yogurt and one clove of garlic minced. Salt to taste. See my husband come running.