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Jul 11, 2007 10:15 PM

Sungold tomatoes - when?

Dying for sungold but Berkeley Bowl still does not have them. When should they arrive?

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  1. Check the farmer's markets. They are available.

    1. Huh, I just saw them at Berkeley Bowl last Friday. They're in little green pint baskets like the ones strawberries come in.

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      1. re: choctastic

        Must have already sold out by the time I went on Monday then! Sigh.

      2. Just picked my first one at home this week- should be showing up in volumes in 2 weks or so

        1. Got some today from Berkeley Bowl - thanks all! Friday does seem better - there are only eight baskets left when I went today, and that was before I had my fill!

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          1. re: Maple

            Hey I was back at Berkeley Bowl today (Sunday morning) and they seem to be fully stocked on the pint baskets of Sungold tomatoes. There were also pint baskets of other types of cherry tomatoes so you can mix and match.

          2. The Mollie Stones Tower market had them on sale this week.
            2.99 a basket. They were delcious, i just through the last of them in a quiche with shitakes, spinach, and fontina.