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Jul 11, 2007 09:27 PM

Visiting Seattle next week, need cheap eats recommendations!

My hubby and I are visiting Seattle next week and we would like to know where all the cheap and healthy places are for dinner.

Also we might check out the Bite of Seattle food fest. What are the opinions of all of you natives who have gone to this? Is it worth checking out? We are only spending 4 days here and we want to make the most of it (w/out a car)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. wliu, The Bite of Seattle is a fun (though crowded) event. If you go early, around 11:00 and leave by 1:00 you'll miss the true crush. For excellent inexpensive dining you cannot beat the International District. Strongly recommended are Seven Stars Szechuan, Green Leaf and Tamarind Tree. Hing Loon is very authentic although it has the atmosphere of your 5th grade lunch room. (If you go, the salt and pepper ribs are not to be missed.) Matt's at the Market has just reopened and offers great food. Two Bells Tavern offers their version of deck dining and a great burger. Tuesday through Friday Salumi is open for lunch only. Get there by 11:30 in order to get a seat. This is a great time of year to visit Seattle. Enjoy and let us know what you liked.

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      I agree with Walters... The Bite is fun and the best times to go are early and leave before 1pm before the crush and the heat.

      At the Bite, I enjoy Kathy Kasey's Alley (now Tom Douglas' Alley?) where they feature a small tasting menu from various local restaurans with the proceeds going to Food Lifeline.

      Other cheap local places:
      Dicks - multiple locatoins: a local fast food hamburger joint where you can't have it your way. Food is inexpensive, filling and a local favorite.
      In Ballard, Zesto's (15th and 65th) good burgers and fish and chips.
      People's Pub... a "German" pub with a good selection of beers and the appetizers are good. They have German dishes, but I personally think it's Americanized. However, other members of my group love their food.

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        Hey Walters and dave c,
        hmmm, does it really get that crazy if we check out the Bite in the late afternoon / early evening? When does the crush start to thin out?

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        Thank you Walters, dave_c, and OCAnn! I can't wait to visit.

        1. -Paseo's
          -Paseo's (The Sandwiches are amazing and cheap, try the midnight cuban)

          1. Mae Phim,down by the pike st. mkt,has great patient w the line out the door!

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              it's pike PLACE market and has been for 100 years any case, mae phim (good as it is) is on columbia which hardly qualifies