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Jul 11, 2007 08:42 PM

new Hollywood Bowl picnic ideas

Hello. I am in search of new picnic dinner ideas for the Hollywood Bowl.
Have done Bristol Farms/Gelsons/Trader Joe's pick and go thing, enjoyed the
bento boxes from Mako, and overdosed on Julienne and Joan's on 3rd....have never really gone wrong with these choices but just looking for something new to try.
Any fresh new ideas esp in the W. LA and Pasadena areas would be lovely. TIA.

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  1. in pasadena... on West Colorado Blvd. on the west side of the Colorado Bridge. also, run a search...there were at least two other recent posts with similar inquiries during the last month.

    1. Beverly Hills cheese store
      Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City does sandwiches and cheese
      Maison Akira also does bentos
      Little Next Door
      Vert (also nice and close to the Bowl itself)
      The Spot on Lincoln
      Bay Cities
      FarmBoys in Sherman Oaks will do a sushi platter
      Dinah's Chicken
      Auntie Em's
      Green Street

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        Emme, I'm always amazed at your lists! Is it all in your head?

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          I have a "junk brain;" I simply scan the city :)

      2. Second Artisan Cheese Gallery. Great Charcuterie, Cheese, fabulous salads and sandwiches.

        Little NExt Door is great, too.

        How about Chili form Chili My Soul in Encino? Coolers keep things warm, too!

        Le Pain Quotidean will pack up sandwiches.

        What about a sushi platter from Farm Boy? Affordable, and really good.

        Get some pita, hummous, babba ganouj and more from The Italian Mediterranian Deli in Studio City, or from your favrite mediterranian place.

        Pick up some great Burritos from Sabor A mexico.

        Surfas has yummy sandwiches you can pack up, and good wines in the store.

        What about Just a dessert picnic? Get an assortment of baked goods from Leda's or your favorite bakery-cupcakes, tarts, cookies, brownies. Grab a bottle of dessert wine and have a sugar rush!

        1. Hit the farmers markets on Saturday or Sunday. Grab cheese from "The Big Cheese", bread from the Breadman, fresh fruit from just about anwhere. You get better products and a fraction of the price, and support your local farmer too. The markets I've found with the best Artiasan cheese selection; Brentwood, Palsades, Encino, Calabasas, Larchmont, and Torrance. Many of these markets also have other goodies for noshing.

          1. The milanesa sandwiches and empanadas from Tito's Market in El Monte are fantastic.

            Tito's Market
            9814 Garvey Ave, El Monte, CA

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              Y'know, I love the stuff at Tito's (and it's darn cheap as well), but it just doesn't travel well.