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Jul 8, 2007 09:32 PM

Countryman's (Rutland, VT; moved from Tristate)

Unfortunately since Hofbrau on Warner's Lake closed, Spa Brauhaus is the only german place in town. It's fine, but not great. If you're ever in middle Vermont, Countryman's, a german restaurant near Rutland (between Rutland and Killington), run by Hans Entinger, is wonderful. Actually, it's one of the best restaurants in Vermont of any type.

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  1. I'm heading that way soon - where exactly is it?

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    1. re: lupaglupa

      Spa Brauhas of Countryman's? Spa Brauhaus is exit 12 of I-87 (Northway), West on rt 67, north on east line road, then west on east high street (

      Countryman's is on Route 4, vermont. From Rutland, head east on route 4, as if going to Killington. Several miles out of Rutland, you'll see Best Western Hogge Penny hotel on your left (if you drive past Cortina Inn, you are way past it); directly across is Town Line Road (of Mendon). Turn right onto Town Line Road.( Many B&B's and hotels from the surrounding area recommend the place to their guests.

      1. re: salvador

        I agree -- Countryman's Pleasure is very good if you like German food. Nice atmosphere too.

        1. re: Ike

          Please remember, that Countryman's Pleasure not ONLY serves German/Austrian food. Their menu is quite ecclectic, and can accomodate palates of all kinds. Han's serves not only the specialties from his homeland in Europe, but American fare like filet mignon topped with Alaskan King
          Crab meat and sauce cheron/bearnaise, prime rib slow roasted,and talapia and salmon specials. So don't pass this eatery just because it is complemented for it's German food, but call and ask what other foods are on the menu and specials as well!! I promise you, you will be surprised at not only the menu selection, but the quality and freshness of the food that Hans and his staff provide at his wonderful restaurant!!! Enjoy!

          1. re: Ike

            i agree 100% great food,great staff,and the BEST MARTINI I HAVE EVER HAD!

          2. re: salvador

            Thanks for mentioning Countryman's ---we will be in Rutland for 3 mos and this will be put on "to try" list...

            1. re: Andy

              We were in Rutland on this past friday and went to Countrymans Pleasure for dinner. OUTSTANDING!! Excellent food and great friendly service. I can't think of a better place to eat in Vermont. The ambiance was excellent as was the food. The Best Western just across the street is a great pace to stay and gave us a 10% discount card at the restaurant. These usually equate to a mediocre restaurant but this was not the case here. Try it, you'll love it. ps.. don't bring the kids.

              1. re: Andy

                While in Rutland, please try Mountain Top Inn in Chittendon, outside of rutland. I love the facilities there and have always been very pleased with the food.....

                1. re: jspear

                  the mtn top inn is beautiful great veiws over looking the dam and the killington mtns A littel pricie but worth every penny

          3. Countryman's Pleasure is a personal favorite of mine. I pretty much always get their sauerbraten with rotkohl and spaetzle. The restaurant occupies an antique 1820's post & beam farmhouse and has a comfortable low ceiling and exposed beam ambiance. The food is excellent. The service is friendly and competent. By major metro price standards, it's a bargain.

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            1. re: GeoffD

              i have got to tell you the food is fantastic the staff is great. The best of all THE HOUSE MARTINI created by the hostess , goose and a hint of grand marnier with slivers of fresh orange what a nice touch! this tini is shaken perfectly cold .How often does a bartender get that right.go see the hostess kathy ,she will tend you a martini you'll have to sat THAT IS GREAT., GREAT FOOD OUTSTANDING MARTINI'S

            2. I made my first trip to Vermont last month, and I had dinner at Countryman's. I'm sorry to report that it was not a good experience, and I'm envious that others had a good meal at the restaurant. It was certainly an attractive place, but almost empty (only 3 tables of customers, including mine, for the entire 90 minutes I was there). The service, therefore, was sterling. The food, however, was not good --not fresh, too heavy--and was absurdly overpriced. I could not recommend this restaurant.