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Jul 11, 2007 07:57 PM


My boyfriend and I got off the 6 train at Spring Street, and were planning on going to L'orange Bleu for an early dinner. We happened upon FR.OG on our way, checked out the menu (which looked intriguing) and decided to give it a shot.
The restaurant's atmosphere is very cool and chic, but there were more bar patrons than there were diners. We ordered cocktails, which looked unique on the menu, but failed to impress. This seemed to be the theme throughout our whole meal; beautifully described and unique menu items, but unimpressive delivery. We did enjoy the complimentary grilled pita bread and dip, and a dessert of marscapone-stuffed figs. In the end, this restaurant did not meet our expectations.
Have any of you been to FR.OG? If so, what were your thoughts?

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  1. i think the name was the kiss of death...then opening across from balthazar...

    consider its days numbered.

    personally, im not too much of a fan of northern african influenced french food. what did you eat there?

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      The name stands for French Origine...whether you look at it that way, or as "frog," you're is the kiss of death, and makes no sense.
      We started off with the crab stuffed phyllo dough pastries with smashed avocado on the side. They were bland, greasy, and IMO, not a good pairing with avocado since both components are oily. My boyfriend got the lamb and duck dish, which he enjoyed; I had the monkfish, which I thought was fine, but it wasn't anything interesting or amazing.

    2. was there about three weeks ago, thought it was lackluster as did the rest of my group of 4. there was a peekytoe appetizer that was decent, i had some sort of pork that was not memorable. i expect this place will not make it. think i'll stick with savoy.

      1. I ate at FR.OG last Friday. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the dishes, considering the lackluster reviews that the restaurant has received. However, I experienced the rudest service of anywhere I've eaten in Manhattan here, and for that reason, I will most likely not return. There are too many other restaurants where you can get delicious food and gracious service. For what it's worth, at 9:30 PM last Friday there were 2 empty tables in the place, which can't mean good things for its profitability.