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Sparta, IL--any good eats?

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A group of ten of us will be in Sparta for a few days in early August. Can any chowhounds provide suggestions for places to eat, or are we stuck with Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen?

Last time I was in the area (okay, Ste. Genevieve, MO, but it's close) liver dumplings with gravy were offered as a side dish at every restaurant. Are there any other local specialties that should be tried?

Thanks for any help...

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  1. Pioneers Cabin in nearby Percy/Willisville. Fried chicken, family style dinners. Fish, chicken and dumplings, many pies.

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      Here's another very good spot. No buffet but very good food.
      Dynasty Chinese
      119 W Broadway St, Sparta, IL
      (618) 443-6688

      and another good spot for steaks just a bit north of Sparta:

      Hunters Hide Out

    2. I've been hearing some pretty good things about SouthSide Ribs which is in an old tavern on the south side of town. Haven't tried it myself but the reports are good thus far. I concur w/ Pioneers Cabin as well.