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Jul 11, 2007 07:11 PM

Maggi Sauce... out of curiosity (moved from LA)

Besides thai pad kee mow, are there any dishes that actually use this wonderful sauce from Switzerland? or is it simple a condiment for the home diner. if you go into a thai market, they have something called soya bean seasoning sauce. it doesn't taste like soy sauce, it tastes like Maggi Sauce.

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  1. Isn't it usually put on bahn mi sandwiches?

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      oh yeah that's right. i only had one for lunch today ha.

    2. I don't know how it is used, but a lot of African stores carry it. Given that they also carry a lot of British food because many African countries were British colonies, I would guess some British dishes use it.

      1. For some reasons it can work really well with Chinese food. A couple of dashes can revive a listless plate of fried rice.

        1. We use it a lot in Mexico. People put it in a lot of stews, on pizza, and of course, the most important use is to flavor micheladas: beer with lime, chili, salt, and... MAGGI!
          At home we use it in our hamburger and meat loaf recipes.
          We also add it to cream with a bit of parmesan to make a nice and flavorful dip that goes well with chips.
          In comparing with other international friends, we found that Maggi, like Milo, has been absorbed into many developing countries cuisines. =)

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            oh no wonder! i was once eating pozole stew and i said to my gf... "there has got to be maggi in here." she's like "no way."

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              Maggi is MSG. It is used in a lot of Senegalese dishes. For instance, chicken yassa, mafe, and thieboudienne all typically include a hearty dash of Maggi (which is available in liquid or cubes). It makes a big difference in flavor, though I'll admit to being a bit leary of the possible health impact of the stuff.