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Jul 11, 2007 07:10 PM

How do you Fage?

Okay, so this may be a stupid question but how do you eat your Fage? I noticed when I first bought it on the container it said Suggesion: Please do not stir so of course, I don't stir. I spoon some of the side sauce then some of the yogurt and eat together. Is that right? Is there a right way? Do I have too much time on my hand to be worried about such a thing?

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  1. i buy the plain fage, i.e. without any additions. then at home i add good quality honey or strawberry jam. i take a spoon of yogurt with a little bit of my added topping. and it is real yummy

    1. I can't find the goat's milk yogurt anywhere in NY. As a result, I don't Fage.


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      1. re: Cheese Boy

        Where in New York? It's at every supermarket in the city I've visited. If you are around the Metro area - Freshdirect has it, too.

        And I stir my strawberry mixer into my Fage to my hearts content.

        1. re: krissywats

          I'm afraid the one you're speaking of is made with cow's milk. The Greeks in Astoria thought it was made with sheep's milk, so don't be ashamed. All, or most of the Fage yogurts are made containing
          the milk from a COW.

          See here:

          I want this --->

          1. re: Cheese Boy

            I see - had no idea there was a difference.

            Lol - being ashamed would be an interesting response.

            Well, I must say that Fage cow's milk is fantastic enough for me.

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              A while back, I bought Fage brand yogurt made with a blend of sheep and goats milk, which gave it a very distinct different flavor - delicious! (I found it at Whole Foods, I'm in Miami)

          2. re: Cheese Boy

            Not possible. I get it at my local Food Emporium on 2nd Ave.

          3. I have to admit that I'm a bad person and I like to stir the sauce into the yogurt and then eat it. But that is just me. ;-)

            1. I make sure no one is looking, then stir like a madwoman! Later, I 'm going to tear the tags off my pillows and sheets! Born to be w-i-i-l-l-d!

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              1. re: MsDiPesto

                Somebody stop this crazy woman before she infects the rest of us with her horrible vice!

              2. fage with honey...heaven. don't stir...keep it dense and real, baby.

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                1. re: sukisooo

                  yeahhhh...i have to second sukisooo. Honey and I also love fresh mango in mine, in which case i do stir. ooops