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Jul 11, 2007 07:01 PM

Food in Atlanta, GA

I will be in Atlanta, next tuesday, wednesday and Thursday and would like some good restaurant suggestions, price range 40-60, french, steak, italian and Thai. Any thoughts?

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  1. what part of town will you be in and will you have a car

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    1. re: jeffbatl

      will be at Emory University and will have a car. tks

    2. French - there is a fairly new restaurant in Midtown - Trois. I haven't been yet, but have heard nothing but good things.
      Itialian - Sotto Sotto in Inman Park, La Tavola in Virginia Highlands.
      Thai - Nan Thai Fine Dining.

      Hope this helps!

      1. French - Trois is great, but my choice would be French American Brasserie (FAB) which is downtown. It is excellent.
        Steak - NY Prime or Chops
        Italian - Portofino
        Thai - Nan is good. Low cost, nothign fancy, but great people and food - Rama 5 in Buckhead.

        1. Italian, Antica Posta, La Grotta
          Steak, Bones
          Not to miss Restaurant Eugene or Bacchanalia
          Have a great time oh and you could try out Woodfire Grill also.

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            For Asian, defintiely go to NAM instead of NAN. It is upscale Vietnamese and the flavors are much more vibrant. Shaking beef (filet mignon) is what they are known for. I love all of the apps and exotic salads. They have a lemongrass tofu dish that my husband and I swear has drugs in it. So good and I am not even a tofu fan.

            For steak, I'd recommend Rathbun's Steaks, but make a reservation.

            Woodfire Grill is fun. I went there for the first time on Saturday.

            Have fun!

          2. French - FAB
            Italian - Antica Posta
            Thai - I agree with stacystacy13 on getting Vietnamese food instead. If you're a true Hound ;), you'll venture out to Buford highway and try the asian places there. (And it won't cost you anywhere near $40)
            Have fun!

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              Actually, although Atlanta does not generally have very good Thai, I really like Nan. It is upscale and the dining room is quite nice. Food has been very good the three times I have been there. Have not visited in a year, though, so maybe it has gone downhill. On the other hand, my one experience at Nam was just awful. I know others like it, but I just wanted to put in a plug for Nan.

              Steak - Chops
              Italian - Sotto Sotto or Antica Posta
              French - FAB, but be aware that it does seem to have some consistency problems

              Actually, Atlanta isn't really strong on any of the fronts you ask about. I second the Eugene recommendation for American upscale, and I'll add Element, for trendy "molecular gastronomy" food that is still accessible in a relatively casual setting. Joel is nice for upsacle dining as well.

              I agree that a true hound adventure would be getting a car and driving down Buford Highway. Lots of great Asian and Mexican food.Do a search for specific recommendations or visit a local Atlanta food board.

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                These are not necessarily in the Emory area, but I like Horseradish Grill for upscale southern, and for French-ish, Babette's is wonderful.