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Jul 11, 2007 07:01 PM

Thai in the Valley... Bangkok dreaming

Hi All,

I'm being taken out for my birthday and my choice is Thai food. The best location for all is SF valley. I've visited Thailand and LOVE Thai food. I'd like to find a place that has authentic fresh food and that also has a nice ambience.

Thanks in advance for any help or advise!

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  1. Your request for nice ambience leads you to Talesai in Studio City, yet your concern for the authentic fresh food will lead you to Sherman Way in North Hollywood, where maybe Krua Thai or Sri Siam (others may also offer their favorites) might be the best, yet none in this area will ever become known for ambience. Functional cafe operations, period!
    Lannathai on Van Nuys Blvd just north of Ventura Blvd. might be considered all right as a compromise. Anajak is not an option, nor is Siam Cabin in the Sherman Oaks area.

    1. Well... carter is right. Authentic and ambiance don't happen together in this city. Go for the food on Sherman Way... or go to the Wat Thai at the weekend, for lunch only... and savour how Thais actually eat.

      1. I love Sanamluang cafe. Authentic Thai - not in atmosphere necessarily but, surely in food. There's two - One in Thai Town on Hollywood Blvd. The other much closer in NoHo area, Sherman Way near Coldwater on the south side in a strip mall. I too have been to Thailand. Sanamluag is as close as they come. This is a cafe type environment with outdoor seating. Inexpensive and good -Love the Pad See Ewe, Garlic Shrimp, Lemongrass soup....Thai Ice Tea or Coffee w or w/o boba - Good stuff

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          there's also a sanamluang in claremont actually! (on indian hill). good place to stop on the way back from vegas.

        2. Not a place I would recommend for ambience (to me that is more than a bit of an oxymoron when looking for authentic Thai food) but Top Thai in Reseda has excellent food, including hard to find Northern Thai dishes.

          Top Thai
          7333 Reseda Blvd.
          Reseda, CA 91335
          Closed Wednesday's
          11:30am-9:30pm on weekdays & until 10pm on the weekends.

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          1. re: Servorg

            Is it just me or is Top Thai pretty expensive as far as Thai prices go?

            1. re: jencounter

              I eat Thai in the Valley at least once a week, these are my favorites. For the Sherman Way strip in North Hollywood:

              -Swan Thai (by far my favorite and you must try their $2.95 soups-the Tum Yum Noodle soup with the thin noodles or glass noodles you can choose, is the best as well as their main entres)

              -Kruai Thai (as everyone says, go here for their special Pad Thai)

              -Sunshine Thai (great for the Mango Fish)

              now if your ever in CHATSWORTH you have to go to THAI WEST on Topanga Cyn. their food is to die for, great fried egg rolls, they have a chicken & spinach dish thats hard to find in the peanut butter dipping sauce used in the Satay and their green curry is magnificent.

              Be sure to report back,

              Stuart :>)

              1. re: jencounter

                They may be a bit more, but the quality makes the prices seem fine to me. Once you start eating their nam-prik oong, (tomato-based ground pork dip) you forget the prices because you are too busy moaning in food induced ecstasy.