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Jul 11, 2007 06:53 PM

Hell's Kitchen Duluth

I'm in Duluth for work and just walked by a Hell's Kitchen down by the water. Googled and can only find that it is due to open sometime in July. Does anyone know if it's opened yet? I leave tomorrow but would love the chance to try breakfast there!

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  1. Is there any connection between this place and the HK in dowtown MPLS?

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    1. re: autmommy

      autmommy - I believe it's an additional location for HK MPLS.

      1. re: cykrhk

        Yes, it's an additional location of HK Mpls. Several months ago one of the owners told me they were shooting for mid-June, with breakfast, lunch and dinner service, plus a full bar. So should be open any time now.

    2. I noticed this place when I was in Canal Park on the 4th. They'll probably do well, lots of tourist traffic around that area (a lot of it is actually from MSP itself).

      Now only if FASIKA would open up a branch in Duluth!

      1. I went by and walked in and they were having a opening day prep staff meeting! Whoops! Opens on the 16th "Come hell or high water" . . . but I'll be back in Columbus, OH so won't get to enjoy.

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        1. re: cykrhk

          I'll head over there tomorrow! (Well, today)

          1. re: tvdxer

            It's open, and it is good. At least, breakfast was certainly tasty. The sourdough bread is to die for.