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Jul 11, 2007 06:32 PM

Recent Opinion

Has been a while since I went to Decca77 - anybody got some advice, perspective or comments? Last time I went it was good, but with all the new restos in town, wondering what the draw is... Also would like to know before recommending it to some friends, especially business acq. who will be coming into town later this month. Thanks for any and all feedback!

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  1. I'm looking for recent opinion on Cafe Art Java. I've got feedback from several people, that the quality at Cafe Art Java has gone way down(lets say since the beginning of 2007). And not at just their original location(both locations). Just went there once this year, when they first opened their second location(I'm not an avid coffee drinker, so they're others here, who would be a better judge if their coffee has declined). Their desserts & other food products has also changed?

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    1. re: BLM

      I had a really delicious latte at the downtown location about 6 weeks ago along with a good but not exceptional slice of cheese cake.

      Someone on an earlier post mentioned having an excelllent souffle there, but I didn't see any sign they there were on offer when I was there.

      1. re: Fritzy

        They don't have the same menu downtown as the at the one on Mont-Royal. I'm not sure about the old montreal location.

      2. re: BLM

        I don't think their coffee has changed, but I don't often eat there. Usually I have lattes, not espresso, so it might be harder for me to tell.

        My one gripe, which I think I mentioned on the board before, was that I ordered an iced tea there a few weeks ago and they brought me a CAN of sickly-sweet Nestea! What? I'd expect a coffee shop of caliber to make their own.

        1. re: BLM

          I was at the one on Pres Kennedy twice in June & the espresso was 1st rate as was the cappucino. On my 2nd visit, my Japanese colleague proclaimed it was the best espresso he's ever had.

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            The owners changed a few months ago. New owners are Asian and seem pleasant (they were sitting at an adjacent table the last time I ate -- breakfast, nothing special but no perceptible decline in quality -- at the Mont-Royal store). My latte then was fine. The espressos I've had at the downtown shop have been stellar, though top barista Anthony appears to have jumped to Café Veritas.

            1. re: carswell

              The main person behind Cafe Art Java(one of the original owners) has left(part of the reason behind the decline, I was told privately). Yes, I heard that Anthony has jumped to Cafe Veritas.

          2. And any Decca77 opinions...Anyone...

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            1. re: swissfoodie

              The montrealfood website had a postive lunch review last march.

                1. re: carswell

                  Past 6 months. Would love to have reviews of other people's experiences or just a general sense for the place since I haven't been in a while and in Montreal, anything can happen in even a few weeks...

                  1. re: swissfoodie

                    Seems like nobody else has been in a while either...

                2. re: swissfoodie

                  I went there in april, so the menu will not be the same.

                  (in french, but in summary, the food was good, some of it was excellent, service was good, not too expensive, the only downside, is that it's a too "clean" ambience, much too "corporate" IMHO, it lacks warmth.

                  Decca 77 ( 7/10 )

                  ça fait un certain temps que j'ai le gout d'essayer ça; surtout à cause des photos.

                  C'est pas mal plus petit à quoi je m'attendais; coté bar, 10-aine de place au bar, et un 20-aine de places assises, rien de très excitant; ça donne sur René-Levesque; et les serveuses sont jolies; il y a quelques drinks intéressants, mais j'ai opté pour un (2) rouges ( un peu trop chaud à mon gout )

                  Du coté du resto, la aussi, c'est assez petit, un 60-aine de places, mais dans un espace assez aéré, plafonds très hauts, décor très "moderne" genre entrée de bureau; une grande vitrine montre quelques bouteilles ( aussi du coté du bar ), mais c'est moins impressionant que ça laisse parraitre.

                  et la bouffe dans tout ça ?

                  oui, oui, ça arrive, soyez patient...

                  la bouffe, un petit menu, 4-5 entrées, 4-5 plats à la carte et un menu à prix fixe ($35) de 3 entrées, 3 plats et 3 desserts.

                  d'entrée, le menu à prix fixe, c'est VRAIMENT UNE BELLE AUBAINE, et c'est ce que j'ai pris.

                  en amuse bouche, une bouchée d'anguille et sauce au homard; très bon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  en entrée, une salade de moules et de fèves blanches "coco", encore une fois très bon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  en plat, un duo de veau, des joues frites (bon) et un filet de veau grillé sur une petite compote de bettraves. (bon) et une petite salade d'endive.

                  (bon) + (bon) + vin = +bon.

                  le verre de K5 Domaine de L'Oustal Blanc allait très, très ben avec ce plat,

                  du dessert, un "machin" amande, chocolat et orange était très, très bon !!! avec le café!

                  coté prix, le menu à prix fixe est une très bonne affaire !!! sinon les prix à la carte sont le double ( plat principal entre $20 et $40 )

                  la carte des vin est bien montée, une bonne sélection à tous les prix ( relatif à ce qu'on paye dans un resto en général )

                  pourquoi une note de 7/10 ?

                  surtout à cause de l'ambiance, c'est pas très "sexy" pas un endroit que j'irait avec une "date"; c'est trop "corpo".

                  une bonne note, le vin (k5) était une suggestion du serveur et c'était pas le plus cher de la liste.