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Jul 11, 2007 06:26 PM

Good Japanese?

I'm looking to take some friends out to dinner for Japanese while in Toronto. Preferably some place with a sense for good local sushi/sashimi. Coming from California, a center of Japanese cuisine (with fresh fish from Japan), I'm not looking to compare. But I'd appreciate a recommendation of place(s) that will not be disappointing. Thanks!

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  1. Just go to Zen in Scarborough and order the Sashimi Omakase.

    1. If you want Japanese - as opposed to sushi - try Kaiseki Sakura on Church just N of Wellesley. This is 'Japanese Dining' - a far cry from Sushi. Multiple courses which change daily according to what is fresh (or a la carte too). I was astonished on my first visit about 6 weeks ago, and had a substantially different menu when I returned last week.

      1. Unfortunately Toronto has no 'local sashimi' per se. Any restrictions on location? For downtown, I suggest HIro sushi on King E and Japango near the bus terminal. Otherwise head to Etobicoke for sushi Kaji's omakase and their fine fine sake. enjoy!