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Jul 11, 2007 06:25 PM

First stop off the train in PDX

Hi all,

My husband and I are paying our first visit to Portland this weekend (first of many, we hope). We are taking Amtrak to Union Station, getting in around 3 pm. I plan to make a beeline from the station to somewhere we can sit and drink beer and eat a small yummy plate of something to tide us over until dinnertime (Park Kitchen).

Any suggestions for a good beer and a first impression of Portland, either near the station or easily reached by transit?

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  1. Oba & Fratelli have good happy hours.

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    1. re: Leonardo

      I wouldn't bother with food at Oba and Fratelli if you're going to Park Kitchen for dinner which is easily better than both, imo. Rogue is at 13th and Flanders, I think. That might be the closest brewery. About 8 blocks?


    2. Wilf's is, literally, right at the train station: Don't know about their beer list, to find out.

      If you are seeking good local brew, Rogue is definitely a good choice - they brew their own and their tasting tray is lots of fun (you get to pick 4-5 brews from many, many taps), but their food sucks:

      Also not that far away is Henry's 12th Street tavern at NW 12th and Burnside - ginormous selection of beers (some local, some not) and better food options:

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      1. re: JillO

        Thanks for the suggestions. We decided to try Henry's and had a great time at their happy hour. What an awesome beer list! Good crab cakes, too.

        Rogue has a brewery up here in Washington as well, but we decided to hit it for a light lunch before we left Portland. You are quite right, the food sucks. What kind of place serves tacos and just puts the tortillas on the plate cold, straight out of the bag? Strange. Also, a pint of Brutal Bitter ran me $5 - I can get it in my hometown for $3.50.

        1. re: Freida

          Well, it is called "brutal". Sorry you didn't have better luck.


          1. re: extramsg

            Actually, it was fine - after 48 hours of eating we weren't after much, we just wanted to sit and drink beer in the Pearl before getting back on the train. I wasn't sure I really wanted another great gastronomical experience at that point :)

            But just let me say, Park Kitchen is lovely, and Pok Pok rocks! We will definitely need to make another Portland trip sometime soon. Love this board!