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Jul 11, 2007 06:15 PM

Austin Brisket ^ BBQ visit

Howdy, I will be coming to over to Austin from DC for my job and need recommendations for storied Texas BBQ Brisket and BBQ. Back east the deal is pork. So please clue me in to places to sample true Texas style Q.


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  1. In Texas, pigs and sheep take a back seat to cattle. Texas barbecue is thick, fatty slices of slow cooked smoked brisket where the smoky redness permeates half an inch into the meat. Plan to spend a mid-day in Elgin and choose between Meyers, Crosstown, and Elgin BBQ.
    A pile of brisket slices, 8 slices of bread, and a bottle of sauce. "It don't get better."

    1. Assuming you're flying in at a normal hour and not in a hurry to get in town, go to Lockhart (30 min drive from the airport) per this map:

      And use this listing as a reference:

      Kruez will be the first place you'll see as you enter town on the right, and Black's and Smitty's will be downtown (half mile further down). Can't go wrong with any of the three. Beats anything you'll find in Austin.

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        Listen to Mike F. It may seem like a pain to head 30 minutes out of your way, but you will be glad that you did.

        If you don't get out to Lockhart, try House Park BBQ (Lamar and 12th). Be aware that it is only open until 2:30 M-F. For a real adventure, swing over to East 12th and hit Sam's BBQ. It is open late...2 am I think. It is not in the most beautiful part of Austin, but it has character.

        1. re: Honey Bee

          Agree completely. If you need BBQ brisket in Austin proper, go to Sam's. It is an absolute dive -- we took out from there and if there is any seating inside it is of the card table and folding chair variety. But the brisket was succulent, not at all dry, had the crispy crust -- the real deal! Buy much more than you think you need and take back to your hotel or picnic somewhere.

          1. re: nosh

            You may also be very comfortable in one of the two deeply upholstered booths on the far wall.If Wanda or Ronni are running the show settle in for a nice afternoon of verbal shenanigans...these sisters are witty and trenchant in their world view.If you're lucky some young hustler will step in and [try]to run game....he'll fail,be put in his place and it will be funny.I go for the Smoked Half Chicken[about 4 bucks]or a big plate of Mutton[Sheep Ribs].The sides are less than stellar but why bother filling up belly space with non-meat.

            1. re: nosh

              If you're staying in town, don't forget Ben's Long Branch BBQ on 11th just east of I-35 for good brisket, even better ribs, and soul food on Wednesdays. It can be fun to order pork butt, too. This truly is a place with simple folding-table seating, but it's still worth the sit-down for the friendly neighborhood atmosphere, and perhaps some conversation with Ben himself. Plan time for a little banana pudding or cobbler for a cap to the meal. MPH mentioned their expanded hours elsewhere today, so now there's less limit to the weekday deliciousness.

              Ben's Long Branch Barbecue
              900 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702

              1. re: Knoblauch

                As previously mentioned, Lockhart is the place to go. I have enjoyed barbeque from Memphis, KC, and the Carolinas. Kruez's and Smitty's are my favorites. I recommend that you get smaller portions so you can eat at both. Don't forget to bring a few plastic forks.

                Smitty's Market
                208 S Commerce St, Lockhart, TX 78644

                Kreuz Market
                619 N Colorado St, Lockhart, TX 78644

        2. I moved away from Austin long ago, but back then Ruby's (29th and Guadalupe) was the only game in town. Emphasis on IN TOWN. There are at least a dozen great places within an hour's drive. And I never got a chance to check out Sam's; when I finally convinced my SO (to whom I am now married) to check out BBQ mutton, we found that the place had burned down.

          Dated info, so FWIW...

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