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Jul 11, 2007 05:43 PM

25th anniversary in Banff/Lake Louise

We'll be celebrating our 25th anniversary in Banff and Lake Louise in mid-August. Any suggestions on good restaurants for lunches and dinners? Could be "special event" places, but we'd also like to know the good places for cheap eats. Thanks!!

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  1. If you search the board for "Banff" you'll see some excellent comprehensive threads on recommendations for Banff and Lake Louise.

    My personal favourites in Banff are Fuze for dinner, and Bison Mountain Bistro for brunch.

    We recently had dinner at Le Beaujolais for our 20th anniversary. Service was great, food was good, pleasant setting. Spent too much on the wine (large selection, but I found it difficult to get something nice without spending more than I felt comfortable), which left me feeling that it wasn't great value. They do have some set menus with wine pairings that might have worked out better than ordering a la carte.

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      Congrats on the 25th.

      We do not go to Banff as frequently as Jasper most of recollections may be dated.

      However, I was there a few months ago for a short visit.

      Agree with alley above. Fuze and Bison would be my first two recommendations.

      There is another in what I think was formerly the King Edward Hotel, a Banff landmark, called the Maple Leaf or something to that effect. I arrived too early for dinner but the menu looked interesting and the wine, featuring a number of Cdn labels also was good.

      Le Beaujolais has been around for years and years and at one time was THE place to eat in Banff. I would not be surprised if it is a little "tired" now. I fondly remember eating there one time when we were in Banff for my sister's wedding. She and her husband went off backpacking on their honeymoon while we sipped champagne in the Beaujolais.

      I have heard very good things about the fine dining room at the Rimrock Hotel, Eden.

      If you are in Lake Louise, you should try the dining room at the Post Hotel.:

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        I absolutely love The Station restaurant at Lake Louise. It's on the site of the old Lake Louise railway station & the surroundings are fantastic. The food is top notch too laced with an abundance of herbs straight from the sumptous gardens. It's great for lunch on the patio or a more formal dinner in the restaurant itself.

        The place is a little tucked away from the main drag, but it's certainly worth your time if you are in LL.

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          I second the Rimrock. We had a great meal and the view is wonderful. Their single malt collection is outstanding; the best I have seen in these parts.

      2. We had a great meal at Maple Leaf, from soup to dessert, everything was great. Also Castello at Banff Springs was very good.
        Happy Anniversary!

        1. Thanks for all the great suggestions. We leave this weekend and are looking forward to a fabulous trip! Along with good restaurants, are there places that we can pack a picnic to bring with us? Thanks again!

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            Below the Bison Mountain Bistro restaurant there is a deli with lots of great picnic pickings They sell sandwiches but they also carry the fixings if you want to make your own. Down the street is also the Wild Flour bakery where they have a lot of breads and sweets.

          2. If you want a decent, affordable meal in Lake Louise, check out the Outpost Pub at the Post Hotel. This is not great, innovative cooking or anything close to it. But it's well conceived, well prepared and it tastes good. Entrees are about $15. We ended up there on two consecutive nights.