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Jul 11, 2007 05:10 PM

Convection Ovens? Should I get one [Moved from Home Cooking board]

what are your thoughts on them and what do you use them for? What is a good brand?

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  1. Yes IMHO it is an very useful additional tool. I love mine and use it so often. And now my husband is using it too!) the plan was to buy it to help me with extra baking duties, such as the holidays, and also to assist me with making things like char sui, or chickens on the rotisserie etc.Some things might need a bit more time than usual and cooled on low. It is the perfect solution for me.

    I have a wonderful set up very nicely done in my garage. And there on the third car side I have nice cabinets and counter for my convection oven, deep fryer (that's right it's out there so we don't get smelly fried food lingering on in the house) and also the ice cream maker, its noisey so it is used out there. When I am in my "mad scientist" role, it just works out so well, and I don't disturb anyone inside the house.

    I do recommend it. They are fast, and versatile. Baked goods come out great and I don't heat the house up. I happened to get a commercial grade one, with a rotisserie, a rack for fish, and tray for making "dried" products such as jerky. So do your research for the best product to suit your needs.
    I can use it as conventional, broil, bake, rotisserie, and convection.
    Make sure you look at things like the additional features, you might not care to have them. I wish you Good Luck!

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    1. re: chef chicklet

      chef, aren't you concerned about the fryer there? or is it the smaller, kitchen version?

    2. On our kitchen remodel we got two convection ovens - I love them - baking cookies has never been easier 3 racks atonce without having to rotate - roasting nice evenly roasted all the way around - and if decide not use the convection I can turn it off - we have the kitchenaid ovens and it has a built in calculator to convert standard recipes to convection recipes -

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        I am glad you like your KA convection but that "auto calculate" feature is maddening. It can be overidden but the "butinskiness" (that is a technical term) of the thing CHANGING the temperature you enter makes me crazy.

        I am kind of "old school" when it comes to convection ovens. I like the ones that have a separate element to heat the circulating air and not the passive fans than simple stir up the heat. That does and complexity and cost to the oven, but in my experience that also gives far performance. A few of the "passive" convection ovens have heat distribution that is WORSE than a conventional oven, as they actually create "cool spots" where air/heat is directed away from the food.

      2. I have one built-in convection oven in my double oven setup as well as a countertop model ("toaster oven" sized). I love them both. Plus, because my GE wall oven has the fan, I get a bonus: the "proof" cycle where I can park my bread doughs for raising. That cycle turns on the fan and the halogen light ... just enough warmth for raising doughs. I absolutely recommend convection. You don't use it all the time, but when you need it, it's invaluable!

        1. We had our kitchen remodelled in 2004. We now have 2 ovens, one of which is a convection oven. My wife likes it, but I never use it. I bake only bread and use a rectangular pizza stone for that purpose. The nice thing about a convection oven is that there's the option to use convection mechanism or not.

          1. I bought a combo micro/convection oven at Penney's (half the price of other similar ones). I use it **all** the time, for everything but those things that are too big for it and must go in my regular over, or for broiling (which I didn't think the convection did that well). I used to have an appliance that was convection over only, and I loved that too. It's fun to watch the cake rise in the oven!