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Jul 11, 2007 04:56 PM

Providence Restaurant Week

Providence Restaurant Week: where is everyone going?
Just wanted to make sure everyone knows about this so it will keep going every year.

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  1. I'm new to Providence and am curious about which restaurants people would recommend. Thanks.

      1. After deciding which of the many places to choose from, my friend and I decided to go to a place we had never been before. We settled on Waterplace Restaurant. We have eaten at most of the Pinelli Marra restaurants and have been happy with the food and service at them, so we hoped it would be just as good. We weren't disappointed. The service was excellent, the food delicious and the atmosphere wonderful. We ate outside on their patio area overlooking the tidal basin at Waterplace Park all framed by Downtowwn on a wonderful summer evening. I had the Grilled Hearts of Romain Salad to start, which was very flavorful and savory. He had the baby Monte Christo sandwiches. These were deep friend and decadent. For the entree, I had the Pan-seared chicken breast in a light lemony Reggiano pan jus over capellini pasta, it was excellent, not to rich and heavy, just right with a generous size portion of chicken and pasta. He had the Beef tenderloin medallions which was incredibly flavorful and rich, almost too rich. There could have been a little less sauce and this still would have been just as good if not better. For dessert I had the Strawberry shortcake. It was ok, not great. There could have been more strawberries and less strawberry ice cream. The biscuit style cake was ok, a little on the dry side and tough to cut with a fork. Maybe it is because I am spoiled by my mothers version. He had the Ooey Gooey Carrot Cake. This was the dessert to get, it was moist delicious and just the right amount of caramel on it as to not overpower. All in all a great choice if you are looking for a place to eat during Restaurant Weeks or anytime.

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          Pinelli-Marra restaurants aren't highly thought of on this board, but I had an excellent meal there a couple of weeks ago.

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            Hi there, i just wanted everyone to know that restaurant week has been extended to two weeks this year and the official web site for providence restaurant weeks is . It's July 6-19. I've found that the other site doesn't have all the correct information (who's doing lunch, or dinner only and the up to date menus)...just an FYI, it's frustrating when your going back and forth for hours deciding where to go, and you call to make a reservation at Shula's for dinner and find out they're only doing lunch!