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Jul 11, 2007 04:10 PM

Snapple Black Iced Tea - any good?

Has anyone tried Snapple's new line of "authentic" black iced teas? They have Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey, and English Breakfast. I tend to drink my tea (iced or hot) unsweetened, and bottled iced tea is often so sweet that I find it undrinkable. According to the labels, this line is "lightly sweetened."

If there are any other Tea Hounds out there who have already given these a try, please let me know what you think - I'm studying for the bar exam right now, so I could use the break from brewing my own!


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  1. I have not tried those and like you drink my tea unsweetened. Anything labeled "lightly sweetened" is still sweet to me... I add lots of lemon though. One of my favorite bottled teas is from Trader Joes. I think it is called Teva. It is just plain brewed tea (i dislike flavored teas) in a large (32oz?) bottle.

    1. Forget the bottled stuff- it is expensive and not as clean tasting as what you can brew. Large pitcher, either cold brew or make a concentrate (6 bags in cup and a half cups of hot water (nuke it), steep for few minutes, pour in pitcher, add water to make quart) Can use right awaywith ice. 5 minutes a day (you know you need a 5 minute break- otherwise your brain will fry- torts will mingle with felonies and acceptance with consent) and you are set for the day.

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      1. I've been testing them this weekend. They appeared in the supermarket here on Friday. The breakfast tea is sweetened with honey, and you can definitely taste the honey. If you like honey, you'll love this. If you drink unsweetened, this is probably not for you. The other two have a definite taste of real tea -- much more so than any bottled tea I've had. The sweetness is a subjective thing. I don't like sweet, and these are just about right for me. I am now adding lemon to get them where I really like them. One thing I don't understand is that the bottles have dates on them Mine are dated March '07. If that's an expiration date, these are way out of date -- hard to understand if they just introduced them. Maybe it's a bottling date. I actually came here looking for the answer to that.

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          Try the Ito En iced teas...Japanese, unsweetened, delicious...

          Also torty's solution is excellent...

        2. Tejava is the best ice tea. I too agree with the other regarding lightly sweetened still is too sweet. But this is ice tea for the masses. The funny thing is my former assistant, who is Scottish, said the only use she would have for cold tea is watering the plants.

          Good luck studying. When I was studying for my boards, I had to go out and exercise a lot just to get the blood moving in the noggin.

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          1. re: septocaine_queen

            Thanks for the good luck wish - the bar is over now, and I've finally got time to try all of these ideas!

          2. Also try the Republic of Tea bottled black teas. They, too, are unsweetened, and they are brewed from tea and bottled. And being RofT, it's good tea to start with.

            I recall a few years ago Snapple being slammed for using reconstitued powdered tea. I wonder if their "authentic" blacks are actually brewed.