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Jul 11, 2007 03:36 PM

Where do you go for your sloppy joes?

I haven't had a really good sloppy joe in a while and was wondering if there are any good places in Manhattan that serve up a deliciously flavored sloppy joe with a buttered and toasted roll. Many thanks!

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  1. Now there's a sandwich I haven't thought about in a long while; I could use one now. Took this occasion to try the "find a food" feature at Menupages, where I learned that a Brooklyn restaurant called Tony's Pizza offers a sloppy joe, but in their "hero" section...

    ...while The Kitchen at Company Bar, in the East Village, serves sloppy joe sliders...

    Unfortunately, find-a-food won't let you search menus all over the city at once; you'll have to search one neighborhood at a time. Hope someone has a better answer for us both!

    1. Monday's at Ditch Plains the sandwich special is the sloppy joe. I really enjoy it, but only on Mondays

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      1. re: Bottom Feeding Foodie

        Just heard these babies will be going on the menu full time.

      2. AKA Cafe had the best sloppy joes - I'm pretty sure they were transfered over to the Alias menu when AKA closed.

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        1. Are you talking about sloppy joe the hero or sloppy joe the burger gloop on a bun?

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          1. re: Woodside Al

            WoodsideAl--To me a sloppy joe is a triple decker sandwich with corned beef, turkey,coleslaw and russian dressing. Is that what you're refering to? Wish I hadn't read this post this am 'cause I think I'll need to get one today. Best deli to get one is in nj but the one from Bens will have to do.

            1. re: berna

              Really? That's so weird. I always knew slobby joes to be ground beef (hamburger meet) with a sloshy, delicious gravy type substance on top. You either eat it between slices of bread...or like in my house, a hamburger bun. So basically in Woodside Al's terms "Burger Gloop on a bun!" But yummy and slightly spicy burger gloop.

              But interesting that you mention the triple decker sandwich because growing up outside of Boston there was this incredible sandwich shop in Marblehead called Marblehead Munchies that had a triple decker sandwich just like the one you described called The Jose Jr. If that's a sloppy joe...than the name Jose makes more sense to me now. mmmmmm Jose Jr. Damn now I want one! (Btw...instead of corned beef I think the Jose had roast beef, turkey, coleslaw, cheese (possibly swiss or provolone..can't remember) and lots of russian dressing).

              1. re: berna

                The food terminology in this thread is blowing my mind. To me a sloppy joe is ground beef on a very soggy hamburger bun with some sort of reddish-brown mystery gravy. It tends to be served in school cafeterias and never seen again. No butter.

                That triple decker sandwich is what I would call a corned beef special (that somehow also includes turkey). Maybe that's Philadelphia terminology -- "special" means to include Russian dressing and cole slaw.

                I can't imagine what a sloppy joe hero is.

                And what's a sloppy joe "slider"?

                1. re: josephsm

                  Josephsm--I agree that the sloppy joe w/ ground beef was something I encountered back in grade school. The sloppy triple decker is usually found in kosher or kosher style delis (ie in the nyc area).

                  1. re: josephsm

                    The very reason why I asked the question. Having grown up in the midwest, to me a sloppy joe was that school cafeteria/mom's got some old ground meat sitting around hamburger on a bu stuff of yore. But I once walked into a deli in NJ and saw something totally different on the menu as a "sloppy joe," a huge sandwich with a couple of kinds of meat and cole slaw on it! I would much prefer the latter, but to me a "sloppy joe" will always be that orange stuff the cafeteria ladies plopped onto the spongy bun with an ice cream scoop for waiting 5th graders.

              2. Trailer Park on 23rd Street btwn 7th & 8th has them... in beef, ground turkey or tofu ground 'beef'. And given the theme of the place, you can wash them down in classic style with tatter tots and PBR.