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Jul 11, 2007 02:55 PM

Dining in Memphis/Cordova area

I will be in Memphis the last week of July, 1st time visitor, the first part on business (expense account, Cordova area) and my husband will join me Thursday - Sunday (our money, in-town Memphis). I think I have the take on 'que, any other suggestions for either area? Also, nightlife - good bars with great finger food? P.S. 1st time poster ever, on anything - be gentle!

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  1. Several great places. Come chain, some local.
    Yia Yia's in Germantown is great. J. ALexander's in Cordova. King Biscuit Diner--great breakfast as well as dinner. For Mexican, try a place called My Favorite Place--Dennis the owner is fantastic and the food is really good.
    In East Memphis Jarrett's is really great. Tons of great places in Midtown in the Cooper Young area.

    1. Interim in the Sanderlin center off Mendenhall is not far from Cordova and was excellent when I went there. I haven't had great luck at Jarrett's, but I know many people love it. There's some decent Thai in the area - Bangkok Alley on Germantown Pkwy. Also, Folk's Folly is great for steak (basically across the street from Interim). There's also good sushi in the general area - the original Sekisui and Mikasa. Basically, though, you have to head to Cooper-Young or downtown for the best places. Good luck and have fun!

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        King Biscuit Diner is a must stop.

      2. Cordova is a foodie wasteland. The only decent place is King Biscuit. J. Alexander's is pretty bad. It's not as bad as the other chains, but it isn't good. Head to East Memphis or Downtown or Midtown for a great meal. Since you have an expense account, I suggest Erling Jensen in East Memphis. It will take about 15 minutes to get there from Cordova.