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Baby Blues BBQ (Venice) good for lunch??

Hi All,

Is Baby Blues a good option for lunch (weekday or weekend)? I especially love ribs with the smoky flavor.

What are their best mains and SIDES?


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  1. it's great for lunch. usually not too crowded. i love their baby back ribs, their burger and pulled pork sandwich. best sides are sweet mash. mac & cheese and corn on the cob. make sure you end with the banana pudding.

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      i don't eat meat, so just fast forward and go straight to the banana pudding- it is the best stuff!

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        Thanks, woofer, local & snoopy. I'm starving just from reading your responses!!

      2. My favorite bbq place hands down!

        I really like their sweet mash, mac&cheese and greens for the sides. My favorite dishes are the pulled port and Memphis style ribs with their homemade super spicy "xxx" sauce. :)

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          mint: What's the difference in taste between the plain ole baby back ribs and the Memphis style ribs?

        2. all the sides are pretty good. a warning though, i recently had the lasker burger and it really changed from about a year ago. i prefered it before. it has this very sweet lingonberry sauce, so if you dont want an overly sweet sauce on your burger, ask for it without or on the side...

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            Thanks, modernist. Though I'm pretty sure I'll go straight for the ribs!!

          2. Their mac and cheese is really good but my all time favorite was their corn bread. :)

            1. They're very good. My spouse likes bbq more than I do, so I find myself visiting places I wouldn't otherwise go, but I really liked Baby Blues - and so did he. We went for lunch on a weekend - we've been a couple times. IIRC, one of the things they do well is Carolina style bbq, the vingary kind.

              Sides - I thought their beans were great.

              Folks who work there were nice, too.

              1. Watch out ... it CAN get full at lunch. Get there close to noon and you should be fine. It's hit and miss, but I've seen it have long waits at 1pm. They used to have outdoor tables that helped ease the crowding at lunch, but for some reason the tables have disappeared recently.

                Ok, all of the sides are amazing, but let me recommend my new favorite: THE STEWED TOMATOES!! If you have any love for tomatoes you will be mighty happy with them.

                1. I like Baby Blues and have been going since very shortly after they opened. My favorite is the pulled pork sandwich at lunch with the slaw on the side, served on a very complementary good-textured roll. I also like the mac'n'cheese and the cornbread. I'm not a big fan of their brisket, which is served pulled into strings like the pulled pork rather than in slices or chopped as I'm more used to seeing. They also talk up their roasted corn on the cob served with some cheese but I found it a bit dry and tough. I like their friendly attitude, the Venice vibe, and the selection of sauces available at the tables and counter.

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                    I'm planning to hit Baby Blue this Sunday for lunch. Do they do any of their ribs with that "smoky taste"? Not sure which region the smoky taste is from... Would that be MEMPHIS-STYLE? Oh... and someone mentioned the "Porno" sauce -- please elaborate!! Thanks.

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                      All their meats are smoked for hours, they all taste smoky.

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                        i've never been there, but i've heard about their "xxx" super-spicy homemade sauce. apparently it's not to be missed if you like heat.

                        to answer your earlier question about the different styles of ribs, although both are typically seasoned with a dry rub, memphis-style traditionally means pork ribs served without sauce, while texas ribs are more often beef ribs, served with a tomato-based barbecue sauce. hope that helps!

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                          Neither of the rib styles come with sauce at Baby Blues. They have baby back ribs and Memphis ribs which taste kind of the same to me. They just added "Texas-style" beef ribs to the menu too.

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                            Thanks for all of your replies! I can't handle "super-spicy", so I'll try to stick to the Carolina, vinegary-style BBQ... that's my favorite so far. I think we'll pack a whole picnic to bring to the Hollywood Bowl this weekend.

                            Hopefully their meat and sides travel well!! Cheers.