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Jul 11, 2007 02:02 PM

Baby Blues BBQ (Venice) good for lunch??

Hi All,

Is Baby Blues a good option for lunch (weekday or weekend)? I especially love ribs with the smoky flavor.

What are their best mains and SIDES?


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  1. it's great for lunch. usually not too crowded. i love their baby back ribs, their burger and pulled pork sandwich. best sides are sweet mash. mac & cheese and corn on the cob. make sure you end with the banana pudding.

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    1. re: woofer

      i don't eat meat, so just fast forward and go straight to the banana pudding- it is the best stuff!

      1. re: Snoopy

        Thanks, woofer, local & snoopy. I'm starving just from reading your responses!!

      2. My favorite bbq place hands down!

        I really like their sweet mash, mac&cheese and greens for the sides. My favorite dishes are the pulled port and Memphis style ribs with their homemade super spicy "xxx" sauce. :)

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        1. re: mintleaves

          mint: What's the difference in taste between the plain ole baby back ribs and the Memphis style ribs?

        2. all the sides are pretty good. a warning though, i recently had the lasker burger and it really changed from about a year ago. i prefered it before. it has this very sweet lingonberry sauce, so if you dont want an overly sweet sauce on your burger, ask for it without or on the side...

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          1. re: modernist

            Thanks, modernist. Though I'm pretty sure I'll go straight for the ribs!!

          2. Their mac and cheese is really good but my all time favorite was their corn bread. :)