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Jul 11, 2007 01:56 PM

Looking for options "On Broadway."

The GF and I are planning a small trip to explore old LA by foot, specifically Broadway Blvd. Are there any good food options in this area of down town? Someone at work here thought there was a good ramen place but didn't have any details. The only place I'm really aware of myself is Grand Central Market.

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  1. Specifically on Broadway? Grand Central is really all there is, aside from fast food outlets. WoodSpoon on Ninth and Main (or is it Spring?), around the corner from Broadway, is really good, though. There's Angelique Café, on that flatiron corner where Main and Spring fork off near the Garment District. And Fourth Street has a row of restaurants, as well as Pete's Café (ick), Banquette Café and Wine Bar, and my choice on Main, Blossom, all on Main Street between Fourth and Fifth, about three blocks from Broadway.

    I'd recommend WoodSpoon first, Angelique Café (for the atmosphere much more than the food), then Blossom.

    1. My favorite food on Broadway (other than Grand Central) is all past Temple and out into Chinatown and Lincoln Heights, of which Pho 87 and Carnitas Michoacan being the highlights.

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        Pho 87 is great. Too bad Cole's is closed. It always seemed to have a bad unwashed-mildwed-dishcloth-rag smell to it, but that place was pure Old L.A.

        Oh, wait! CLIFTON'S! That's on Broadway! The food's totally meh, but you have to see the place at least.

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          Definitely Clifton's. That is Old L.A. Fyi Ray Bradbury used to eat there way back in the day when he had no cash, because the Clifton's philosophy was pay as you're able.
          Then head to the former Clifton's Silver Spoon, now the Seven Grand bar on 7th near, you guessed it, Grand.

          Edit: Wait---Coles is closed??? Oh no. That is a very bad thing, and makes me so sad, even though their food was pretty sad.

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            Cole's has been taken over by Cedd Moses' 213 Ventures. It's being remodeled and mad hip in the vein of the Golden Gopher, Seven Grand, Broadway Bar, etc. Neal Fraser of Grace and BLD is being brought in to consult of a new, fancier menu; instead of the old dive, Cole's P.E. Buffet will be reborn as a gourmet snoothole. Welcome to the era of the $20 French dip.


            No word yet if David and Michelle Myers will be taking over Clifton's anytime soon, replacing the faux California redwoods with an Scandinavian theme of genuine bleached Finnish beechwood trunks and Danish-designed modernist chairs to match their nouvelle cuisine buffet with a focus on game, arctic fish, and an upstairs aquavit bar. Isn't the new Downtown great?!

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              I had forgotten about Clifton. I've heard a lot about it but I've never been.

        2. Well, don't overlook the Grand Central Market - there are some great places in there.

          1. Whoops, I clicked too soon. We had a similar day of exploration, and after spendig the whole day on Broadway and reveling in the atmosphere, we decided to do a change of pace. We ended up at the bar at the Biltmore, sipping Black Dahlia cocktails, before going to dinner around the corner at Water Grill.

            We once had plans to go to dinner and aa Last Remaining Seats film, and we researched placed for dinner and came up with 626 Spring - it's a wine and tapas bar, I think.

            It ended up that we got there too late to eat, so we just went to the movie. But it sounded like a good place.

            Anyone been there?