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Jul 11, 2007 01:43 PM

Suggestions for a short stay in LA

I find myself in LA about every month or so and have come across some great restaurants. I love Soot Bull Jeep in Korean Town, Sushi Komasa and Daikokuya in Little Tokyo, and Chao Krung by the Farmers Market on Fairfax. I need some new suggestions of places that aren't too expensive that have great authentic food. It can be Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, American, whatever as long as its great. Help me out!!!!!!!

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  1. Read through this thread and then see if you are able to resist a visit to Jitlada on your next visit:

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      I checked out Jitlada today and it was great. I went with 4 other people and we shared the sour and spicy soup with giant shrimp, the raw blue crab salad, egg yolk stuffed fish ball curry and pad see yew and all were great. It was hard to get much meat from the raw blue crab salad and i had to be very careful when chewing because of little shards of shell throughout the dish, but the flavor was great. Next time I'll probably skip that dish and get the shredded green mango salad instead. Thanks for the suggestion!

      1. re: Stephan Fury

        Crab is delicious, but sometimes it's just too little return for too much work. Jitlada really is a wonderful find by Eric M. and the other hounds like Chowpatty who have posted about it. Thanks for coming back and letting the board know how you liked it.

    2. Check out the Ethiopian restaurants on Fairfax, just north of Pico (and south of the Farmer's Market). Meals By Genet seems to be the consensus favorite, I like Messob as well, and Merkato has its adherents too!

      There's also Hoagies and Wings on Venice just west of La Brea (I think they recently opened a new store on La Cienega south of Pico) for flaming chicken wings and pretty good chicken hoagies. Their website is

      Tacos Plus is a place we find ourselves going to when we need an al pastor fix quick -- it's not really near where you've been going -- the one I go to is on National Blvd is appended to a rather dingy Vons shopping center -- they have lots more than tacos. Their meatball soup was pretty good, though it's served in a styrofoam bowl, which I hate. Right next door but considerably pricier is one of the best sushi places in LA, Sushi Zo.

      A few Indian choices on Venice Boulevard west of Robertson: India Sweets and Spices, Annapurna (veg) and Kathmandu (just went there last week -- 4 of us ate a great deal and spent $40 TOTAL).

      1. Second the rec for Jitlada, or Sanamluang or Wat Thai.

        Qusqo for Peruvian on Santa Monica Blvd.

        Also second the recs for Ethiopian, both Rahel and Meals by Genet.

        Have you done Bay Cities or Father's Office or Zankou yet?

        Perhaps head out to NBC or Empress for dim sum.

        1. As an alternative to Soot Bull Jeep, try Park's BBQ.

          Instead of Komasa, try Sushi Ike (in Hollywood)

          For Mandoo (or Mandu), I like Ma Dong Gook Su.

          For good, cheap Mexican at all hours, try Tonny's.

          Ike Sushi
          6051 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

          Tonny's Restaurant
          843 E Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91104

          Park's BBQ
          955 S. Vermont Ave, Suite G, Los Angeles, CA 90006

          Ma Dang Gook Su
          869 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005

          1. Try Mr. Pizza Factory in K-town. It's a pizza chain from Korea. They serve Bulgogi pizza and other korean/italian hybrid pizzas. It's different and delicious. Corner of Wilshire/St. Andrews.