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Jul 11, 2007 01:13 PM

Alberta Beef in Edmonton

During our last two visits to Edmonton, we have tried to find a great local, preferably independent place in the Edmonton area to try the famous "Alberta beef" touted throughout the country -- without success so far (The Keg near Whyte Ave was not the answer, suffice to say).....

Where should we continue this quest next week? We're staying in a hotel (e.g., so we can't purchase from a butcher and grill for ourselves) and are willing to drive for top recommendations. Beef quality and friendliness are paramount -- fancy atmosphere/clubby feel not needed.

Thanks for your help and advice.

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  1. rlh:

    Let me think about this.

    I am not positive but I do not think the "beast" exists, i.e. "...a great local, preferably independent place in the Edmonton area....".

    Steak in this town is dominated by chains. The Keg's several locations, The Sawmill [locally owned but essentially at least chain-like] and its related "cousin" The Moose Factory, Outback and Ruth's Chris.

    I have had very good and pretty ordinary steaks at Chop which is steakhouse but which again is a prototype for expansion into this market by the people who operate Moxies.

    Apparently Ruth's Chris does offer in addition to its regular USA American corn fed prime beef, Canadian prime but that is limited to their strip loins. Public relations exercise when some negative publicity was generated by the American only original plans.

    But you may as well eat that in Chicago, New Orleans or some other city in the States.

    Luxe is a steahouse downtown. Would not be my recommendation. Hy's is now closed which is not a loss IMHO. I cannot think of any spot like its predecessor the Steak Loft which has been gone for years and years.

    The better restaurants in town will all of course have steak. Whether they are great and even are Alberta beef is another thing.

    The ones which spring to mind are Hardware Grill, The Grill at the Mayfield Inn, Red Ox Inn, perhaps Normand's.

    I have heard people mention Collisseum Steak and Pizza and a spot calls Gus' that used to be toward the north of the city but I am not even sure that it is still open.

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      I liked Lux when I went about a year back for appies and drinks, but I'm pretty sure they have american beef to because they dry age and noone in alberta that I am aware of does that.

    2. Sage. In the River Cree Casino and Marriot. My favorite steak in town, with great service. Unfortunately, it comes with the fancy atmosphere and the prices to match. But all Canadian Prime beef.

      The Mayfield Grill serves beef at lesser prices, but excellent AAA quality as well. Definite focus on beef and meat. No Atmosphere. But closer to downtown.

      1. you should check out unheardof.

        i'm not 100% sure, but i'd wager a meal that the beef tenderloin (with king crab) is alberta grown.

        1. If your looking for something on the Southside that is Truly Local Alberta Beef. Try Jack's Grill - I think it is Lendrum near southgate mall...

          1. I had an excellent steak at Ric's grill in Kamloops, of all places, before they opened locations throughout Alberta. It was serendipity, it was attached to the hotel where we were staying and my wife absolutely refused to go chowhounding. I rarely eat steak when eating out but I was ordering defensively based on my prejudices about hotel restaurants.
            I wonder whether the quality is still the same