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Jul 11, 2007 01:10 PM

Stuffed Sandwich??

Has anyone gone to the stuffed sandwich lately?? I remember they had a wide selection of beer but wondered if anyone had any food recommendations.

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  1. not recently, but I remember their polish sausage as being very spicy and flavorful and their beers are terrific. I think you have to order food in order to have a beer, according to some city ordinance.

    1. Yes I went there a couple of months ago. I was not that impressed with the food. I got a roast beef sandwhich, which was good, not fabulous. I did not like the chili at all and I was not a big fan of the fries. The garlic bread was yummy, I do recall. My boyfriend seemed to like the ribs, though I felt I've had better.

      I found their beers to be a bit pricey, for take home. Krieks were $6 to $7 a bottle. I understand paying that price in a bar, but just taking one bottle home, a wee bit on the steep side.

      The owner was very knowledgable and friendly though. We had a good time talking to him and listening to his stories.

      I am sure we will go back, though I will just order enough food to get the beer and probably have a better meal elswhere.

      Don't expect much by way of atmosphere. And if it's hot, you might want to go when it's cooler. I don't remember the AC being on.

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        it's so not a about the food to begin with, although the pastrami dip is actually probably better than the hat but that is not saying much. and the beef ribs are decent at best,

        but the beers are truly where it's at. the beers are not cheap necessarily it depends on the beer, if you're going for one of the linderman's lambics , krieks, yeah, it might just be cheapers somewhere else. the fancy ones do get expensive but then again the stuffed sandwich is the only place around town that has all that expensive stuff.

        for future reference a garden salad counts as your food meal ticket to gain the right to have some beer but a bag of chips doesn't count as viable food.

        1. re: kevin

          You are so correct, " not about the food...". Three of us re-visited the place about a month ago -- hungry. The sandwiches were STUFFED. Therefore they might have an argument that they are not over-priced but IMO they are. We had a meat ball, a combo sub and a hot sandwich made with two cold-cut meats. No beer but we did have cokes and chips. The bill was over $45. This place is about beer in a small town NJ ambiance (slooped floor, beer kegs stacked at the front door, talkative owner with a great personality). Oh ya, two guys a few tables away from us were really enjoying their giant plates of Spaghetti. It looked real good. They were having beer and spaghetti, so maybe that is what this place is about. We had a good time and when we were leaving we all agreed that if you are in L.A. and have a desire to eat spaghetti in N.J., and have a few cold beers, then this place is the spot for you.