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Jul 11, 2007 12:54 PM

farm fresh fruits and veggies delivery for lazy girl

hallo, hounds. i'm looking to try one of those farm produce delivery services, where you get a box of fresh in-season produce every week. sometimes i'm just too lazy to go to the farmer's market, and it would be nice to have more great fruits and vegetables on hand. some people have discussed urban organics on this board - any services that people use and love? and anyone got reviews of urban organics?

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  1. Hello! What youre looking for is called a CSA-Community Supported Agriculture I believe.
    You buy a share in a CSA and they deliver produce to you or you pick it up. Its really awesome because you get things you never knew existed! there is also a company who will cook the food for you. Its called I have never used it but it seems like a cool idea.

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      yeah i was looking at CSAs, too! but i prefer a delivery service where, if i'm not going to be around or have time to cook that week, i can opt out of receiving the box for the week. however, that being said, do you have any CSAs you like? i was looking at chubby bunny.

      1. re: shirlotta

        I actually missed out on the CSA this year. By the time I went to sign up it was full. but check out sweet deliverance. Im not sure if she picks up the food for you or not..she might pick up multiple shares and cook food for everyone.