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Jul 11, 2007 12:51 PM

happy hour / food recommendations

I'm trying to create a list of places that offer decent food as part of their happy hour discount. Not potato skins or nachos necessarily, but something that you would want to eat even if it wasn't happy hour.


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  1. Manuel's offers half-price apps and their ceviche is good.

    Also, Blue Star Cafeteria does some cheap food at HH. A friend of mine and I did HH there and had 3 glasses of wine, three apps (crab cakes, fried artichokes and a large, gooey 3-cheese grilled cheese sandwich with a apple chutney for $3.49) and peach cobbler a la mode. The total bill was under $35 for decent chow (not wonderful chow, but I would order that grilled chese again). However, this is a place to find a good value...not a bar scene.

    1. I think Eddie V's at the Arboretum has 1/2 price appetizers on Monday and Tuesday? I'm not sure of the day or time, but I've been intending to go check it out.

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        I am a big fan of....
        - 219 West- 5-9pm 1/2 of apps and great drink specials
        - Malaga- great special w/glass of wine & tapas for $6-ish
        - Saba- 1/2 of certain apps and drink specials
        - Eddie V's- already mentioned above
        Reverse HH-
        - Pluckers has $2 top shelf drinks after 9pm
        - Jeffery's has specials after 9 (I believe)

        1. re: Aggiegirl1998

          Jeffrey's HH is from 5-7 Sun(!)-Friday and then later at night on Saturday.

      2. I am a big fan of HH specials. I'll list some details - but they are from memory and not guaranteed to be correct. My favorites:

        1. Austin Land and Cattle - M-F (5-7) - Half price bar menu and $1 off drinks - Best deal I think is the steak sampler - 6 oz of steak for $4.50 (usually $9) and their black and blue salad is amazing. In the bar area only though

        2. Wink does HH in the wine bar - M-Sat (5-7) but menu is much different from restaurant and limited. We had the goad cheese and tomato bruschetta which was awesome and the brie burgers which were pretty good - want to try the mac and cheese with black truffles next time...has anyone had that?

        3. Jeffery's HH is in the bar area Sun-F - half price bar apps - food was pretty good but weird ambiance - really really quiet with elevator music

        4. 219 is great because the HH specials go until 9pm and their menu is the longest of the ones I've seen - the mini burgers and the cheese fries (trust me) are amazing - ask about drink specials

        5. Gingerman - they do a special on Mondays where if you buy the beer on special you get to keep the glass

        1. I haven't been in a while, but my crew and I from UT would go over to the Roaring Fork (Stephen F. Austin Hotel) and mack on a HUGE cheeseburger for 6.95, half price appetizers till 7 or 7:30 pm. Get the scallop app (nice grilled scallops over spiced up cheese grits with a great sauce), the burger, the doctor pepper ribs, or the pork stew. All are great, and the drinks are 1 or 2 bucks off or more, can't recall. The burger and its fries will feed two just fine. It's always packed, but usually we've snagged 3 to 4 seats at the very nice bar. Good lighting too.

          1. if you're up north, kona grill at the domain is pretty good. they have a great happy hour menu and the food is decent.

            also, HH occurs twice an afternoon into evening, check out the link.