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Jul 11, 2007 12:15 PM

Restaurants Rt 140 Reisterstown - Westminster MD

I am looking for some restaurants to try in the general area of Reisterstown to Westminster, MD along Route 140, Westminster Pike. Any suggestions? I'm looking for a nice sit down place to take an elderly, non-adventurous eater.

Have been multiple times to the Harryman House and Mia Carolina, which were both great. Also went to The Full Moon Pub - dreadful.

Through mapquest, I found Maggies in Westminster, Belisimos in Finksburg, and North Star Tavern in Reisterstown. Any comments on these or suggestions of others?

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  1. wherever you go for dinner, make sure you go to the cow for dessert :)

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        the cow is a tiny little store that sell homemade italian ices and custards. The italian ice is incredible! they have every flavor imaginable and then some. My wife loves the cotton candy and cupcake flavors. i stick to the black cheryy or blood orange. You cant go wrong anyway you go. The place has a huge plastic cow in front and on a friday or saturday night they have about 5 or 6 windows and the lines are all backed up to the street. I go every chance i can.

    1. Hello Denise-

      I went to school at what used to be Western Maryland College in Westminster. We used to frequent Maggies and I thought it was good, not your top gourmet, but good food.

      I also really like Rudy's 2900 right on 140 it is a little more upscale, but has choices I think both of you would agree on. They used to have a price fix meal that was a pretty good deal too.

      Harry's in downtown Westminster is a good burger, salad casual eatery you might look into, as well. I have never been to North Star, but have also never heard any good things.

      There is also a good italian restaurant downtown, but I forget the name maybe someone can help, I don't think it was Belisimos because it was right downtown.

      Hope this helps...

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          Oh what a shame! That lobster pot pie was really good, probably the best thing I ever ate in Westminster... Also a little ways away in Antrim (forget the number that goes behind the name), which is really really good, more formal and pricey, but well worth it (I only got to eat their once on someone's treat for me, but if I was in the area would definitely go back now that I am not on a college kid budget).

          I think I posted some advice for Westminster on another thread that wasn't too long ago it might have had the name of the italian place... you might try searching for that.

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            It's Antrim 1844 in Taneytown--an excellent resto but expensive. traditional american stuff, expertly prepared.

      1. Try Tonino's at the 140/30 Split across from the Royal Farms Store
        Belisimos is in the old Rudy's location(avoid it)
        Maggies is on Green Street in Westminster very reliable and good
        Paradisios is in The old Distellery building just off Railroad Ave in Westminster
        Johanssens is just at the corner of Main Street and Railroad Ave(micro beers and standard American fare(reliable)
        Libatore's is another Italian Rest that is very the same Shopping center that has the Shoppers Grocery Store
        Then there is always Baughers if only for the desserts
        on the way home take Rte 32 and hit Hoffmanns Ice Cream for dessert

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          Is Hoffman's different from the large plastic cow place mentioned earlier>

          1. re: chowsearch

            Yep...the Cow is Italian Ices and Custard on Main Street(#140) in Reisterstown
            Hoffmanns is homemade ice cream, sundaes, shakes, malts etc. on Rte 32
            near Westminster High School

        2. The Antrim is very nice, although my wife thinks they go a little heavy on the salt. We both, however, love the atmosphere there. The smokehouse is a great dining space, and the cocktail time before dinner is great.

          Johanson's, Paradiso's and O'Lourdans are all nice places if you live or work in Westminster, but I don't think that any of them are worth the drive from Baltimore or Washington.

          What I do enjoy in Westminster is Bullocks, which is on route 32. It is not fancy. It is an old cafeteria style place. It is old Carroll County. And they raise the steaks they serve. They are walking out back behind the restaurant.

          After Bullock's you are pretty close to Hoffman's for ice cream, which is also worth the drive.

          1. Maggies is good....Mia Carolina is the best kept secret in the area !
            Stay away from Belissimos.....horrendous food