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BEST MEATBALLS RECIPE [Moved from South board]

Does anyone have a good recipe for really good Italian meatballs? I make mine with ground chuck & pork. Thanks so much!

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  1. I've been using this Wolfgang Puck recipe using ground veal - they are excellent:

    1. This is the one I've used for the last couple of years along with the Sunday "Gravy" recipe.

      1. Oprah has a really good one...check it out on www.oprah.com

        1. I've made the meatballs and sauce from this recipe which was in Bon Apetit a few years ago. I think the meatballs are really excellent. You might try baking them to keep them tender; mine tend to get hard if I fry them in a frying pan before putting them in the sauce.

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            I like that recipe too. I fry but not on high and with very little EVOO. If you use good oil and fry slowly, the sauce is much tastier when you add the tomatoes.

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              Yes, I am thinking that I fry them on too high heat, which is why they get hard. An Italian chef told me to bake them with a little chicken broth on a baking sheet. That way they stay tender. I'm going to give it a try next time I make them.

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                I have done them that way, but sometimes I don't want to heat up my whole kitchen for 8 meatballs, so I do them stove top with a lid on and they are just as good.

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                  I have actually added them to the cooked sauce without baking or frying. Once the sauce is done, I add the meatballs- and they cook in the tomato suace. So good and so easy.

          2. I honestly think that the best thing that you can do is experiement. Every time I make meatballs, its different. For example, last time I made them I wanted them to be a little healthier so I made them with Ostrich and Ground turkey. I had some grilled portabellos and zucchinis from grilling the night before, so I put those in a food processor with some garlic, fresh herbs, onion and buttermilk (to keep everything moist b/c of the low fat content). Pour that mixture in with the meat, then add bread crumbs, 1 egg, s&p and plenty of parm. Mix it all up, form the balls, and lightly fry. When they are brown on all sides, plop them into a pan of heated red sauce so they can continue cooking. Thats it! They were a huge hit and its really fun to just use what you have handy. Have fun with it!

            1. Hi Sallie-with-the-same-spelling! I use this one from epicurious.com:


              I make them small (just under an inch) and make a double batch with half turkey and half veal and freeze them to use in soups and pastas when I'm rushed. They defrost quicker when they're smaller.

              1. This guy's from my neighborhood (Boston's North End).

                The meatball recipe is at the bottom of the page, but the story ahead of it is pretty interesting too.