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Jul 11, 2007 11:10 AM

Recommendations for St. MarysCity & Williamsburg

My daughter and I will be heading to St Marys College & William & Mary for College tour ..summer '07 in a few weeks. Any favorite places for some nice father/daughter meals? We are both big seafood and asian cuisine fans. Thanks!

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  1. If you have time, it's fun to eat inside the Williamsburg historical district....the food isn't very fancy at the taverns, save for maybe Christiana Campbell's'. But it's all part of the fun. Otherwise, I would recommend the Trellis. Best breadsticks I have ever had, kinda pricey, but very good.

    1. The food at the taverns is overall pedestrian. I have gone for lunch, but for a nice dinner I would not say any qualify.
      The Fat Canary and it''s attached gourmet food market/sandwich shop is great. Be sure to make reservations for the Fat Canary, as it's the best higher end place there, right arounf Market Square.
      The Blue Talon is a casual french bistro. I'd recommend it.

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        I'll second the Fat Canary. I like the Trellis for lunch on the porch, but find it to be overrated for dinner.

        The Cheese Shop is the shop attached to the Fat Canaryand it is a 'Burg tradition. Get anything with the house dressing. Bread ends with house dressing is a popular College snack.

        You'll find that instead of bars the College has a line-up of Delis. Lunch at Paul's (Hot holly or Stromboli) or the Green Leaf (burger) might be a good idea to get the College feel.

        I always enjoyed the Taverns, but you have to take them for what their worth.

        If you absolutely must have Seafood, try Berret's. It was good (not great) ten years ago.

        Pierce's Pit BBQ is another local spot.

        I can't suggest any Asian restaurants in the area.

      2. St. Mary's recs:

        If you're coming from Route 2/4 (as opposed to Route 5), I highly recommend CD Cafe on Solomons Island. The menu doesn't change much, but there are always great specials and you must save room for dessert--key lime pie is delicious. It gets crowded, but they opened up a bar recently for overflow, and the bar serves a modified menu. I look forward to visiting the area just to eat here. I wouldn't bother with any other restaurants on the Island, by the way.

        As for where to eat once you're on the other side of the bridge, I don't have a lot of experience but I've heard excellent things about Scheible's, which is actually past the College. It is supposed to have great seafood.

        I graduated from SMC and had a blast. Good luck to your daughter!

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          I second CD cafe - never got to the Dry Dock but never heard bad about it. Avoid Stoney's for crabs and crab cakes. Instead, across the bridge, up Rt 5 a mile or two and right on Clarke's Landing Rd will, at the end of the road, bring you to Clarke's Landing.

          Here's a recap from a few years ago:

        2. St. Mary's City is a very small town in the wilds of Southern Maryland. If you look on a map, it is the small appendix-looking area at the tip of Maryland. There is a lot of fresh seafood available and locals will recommend the best spot for crab, etc. Soft-shelled crabs are easily available here in the summer, so have a feast!

          Good Luck!

          1. Brome-Howard Inn
            18281 Rosecroft Road
            St. Mary's City MD 20686

            Scheible's Crabpot Restaurant
            48342 Wynne Road
            Ridge MD 20680 (2 miles south of St. Mary's City

            Café Des Artistes
            41655 Fenwick Street
            Leonardtown MD 20650 (15-20 minute drive north of St. Mary's City

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              Here's a second on Cafe Des Artistes. We were in St Mary's City a month ago and drove to Ltown for dinner to eat there. It was terrific, reasonably priced as well.