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Jul 11, 2007 10:54 AM

Produce Market- Malden?

I've been heading over to the new Super 88 in Malden for cheap produce and more eclectic ingredients, and I've noticed a produce and flower market on the same street (Commercial Way, I believe- the one that heads up from the Wellington T station, perpendicular to Rte. 16), a few blocks before Super 88, and I can't recall the name. Has anyone been there? Is it good? Decently-priced? I'm looking to get some nice fresh produce, but farmers' markets can get a little pricey and are somewhat limited to what's in season locally.


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  1. It's called Rosebud, great produce, and good subs also, and some prepared foods.Mostly like an Italian grocery

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      thanks! i'll definitely check it out.

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        although, unfortunately, upon googling, i found this article:

        hope they'll be back in business soon!

        1. re: melle76

          I believe it's already reopened. Anyway, Rosebud is a reliable old standby for people who've traditionally made hit the local trio of reliable old standbys: Rosebud, Piantedosi's and Dom's Sausage. That's why Super 88 wanted to be in that locale.

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            I went to Rosebud once on a trek to Piantedosi. Don't remember anything memorable about it- and never went back. Now I make the trek to Wilsons. Never disappointed in Wilsons.
            The article says that Rosebud was only closed for two hours.

      2. I went to Rosebud a few times a few years back. Produce and deli, cooked food, imported italian groceries were all okay; people who worked there were not - very rude. Plenty of other places to shop in the area. Much nicer is Farmland on Main Street in Wakefield ( which also has complete bakery.

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          I shop at Rosebud's all the time and have never experienced the help being rude. That being said, the prices are so low here I can't believe it. You can get RED, ORANGE and PURPLE peppers for 1:29. Huge RIPE tomatoes for .99 per pound NOT the 3.99 you find everywhere else. The deli prices are much lower than any grocery store in the area. I can get great roast turkey for $4.99-5.99 pound. I refuse to purchase my veggies/fruit anywhere else. I have been shopping here for years.
          As far as I know they are still open even after the accident. The store damage was not as bad.

        2. Rosebud. We have shopped there in the past, but it seems to us that the produce is really second quality. Yes, it's cheaper than most other markets, but the greens, and other veggies should be cooked the day you buy too some of the stuff we have bought at Super 88.

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            I have not had any bad expreriences with quality of produce from Rosebud. I would class it as "average supermarket". Wilsons, in my book, is top quality, and super 88 is starting to slide.

            Rosebud often has very good prices on harder to find items such as figs, and I havd found some unusual varieties of squash, peppers, etc.

            I think it's worth a visit to form your own opinion - its so close to super 88, and parking is a cinch - why not check it out?