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Jul 11, 2007 10:54 AM

Bianchi's Pizza closing

Drove down the beach from Swampscott to Bianchi's on Revere Beach two weekends ago for a fix; it was delicious, as usual. Noticed that the Revere Beach area is undergoing a major renovation: more luxury condos going up and head-on parking is being removed, resulting in a significant loss of parking along the beach. I commenting to a friend about how quickly this all seemed to happen, when they cavalierly responded that Bianchi's was closing. Has anyone else heard this? Kelly's, apparently, has no plans to go anywhere.


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  1. Where did your friend hear this? I haven't heard anything about their closing, but I wouldn't be surprised, based on the money that Revere Beach businesses are losing this summer with all the construction around there.

    God, I hope they don't close; that's one of my favorite pizza places.

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    1. No way, say it ain't so! Somebody, please! We lost Holy Smokes and now this.....drink!

      Btw tatamagouche, we're gonna miss you here. One of the "Ten Things To Do In Denver When Your Dead" is to phone home, okay?

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        Aw, that's sweet! Believe me, I'll be racking up the FF miles just to cure Neptune cravings.