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Jul 11, 2007 10:54 AM

seeking healthy zucchini blossom recipe

I saw very perky zucchini blossoms at the coop yesterday, and will go back today to buy some. However, I just started weight watchers, so I'd rather avoid adding lots of heavy ingredients and frying. Any suggestions?

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  1. Well... this won't exactly help with the frying part. But I stuff mine with a mix of goat cheese (naturally a pretty healthy cheese--add a little milk if it's crumbly), a bit of cream cheese (could use low fat), fresh herbs, and pumpkin seeds (S and P and maybe a dash or two of Tabasco). Then I dip in a tempura batter and fry in grapeseed oil which is a very healthy oil (I think-- just ran out so I can't look at the nutrition info). Then I serve them on a salad with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. To me, this is a substantial meal--- we did this for dinner last week and it was plenty. Good luck with the Weight Watchers!

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      I just dip mine in a batter of flour, club soda and herbs and fry in olive oil. Olive oil is healthy!

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        I use ricotta to stuff the blossoms and just do a milk wash and roll in seasoned flour. I don't like using a batter because I don't want the blossom to get overwhelmed with a coating. If you keep the oil hot, the blossoms will fry without soaking up too much oil. Served with a salad, it makes a very yummy meal.

        I guess you could try an egg wash and panko crumbs and bake them, like oven-baked squash or fries. Do you get "treat days" or anything on WW? Maybe you could just fry 3 or 4 blossoms as a treat. There's nothing like biting into a crispy flower with warm cheese inside.

        I've read recipes that use blossoms in stir frys and soups, but I think half the appeal of using blossoms is to stuff and fry them! Otherwise, why not just use the squash?

      2. Do you have access to Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen cookbook? He has a delicious recipe for a Golden Squash Crema soup in this book, which basically is a chicken broth with onion, potato, poblano chiles, zucchini, corn, squash blossoms, and a bit of creme fraiche. The blossoms are not fried, they are just added to the soup. Let me know if you want me to paraphrase the recipe.

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          Yes please! that sounds scrumptious.

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            Hi relizabeth,

            Sorry for the delay in posting the recipe. I decided not to paraphrase the recipe since I found this link online:


            Just for the record, my absolute favorite way to prepare zucchini blossoms is stuffed with goat cheese or ricotta cheese and fresh herbs. I do a light batter of seltzer and flour and fry in small amount of olive oil. (Recipe for that dish is courtesy of Susan Loomis, Italian Farmhouse Cooking.) However, I am partial to the soup recipe too. If you make it, I am sure that you won't be disappointed!

        2. I'm a Weight Watchers Lifetime member on the Core plan, been under goal for over a year. I don't know whether you're points or core, but I'd suggest trying to save points on the stuffing and spend them on the cooking/frying part. The stuffing could be a mix of fat free ricotta, herbs, minced mushrooms and/or shredded zucchini.

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            I know my coop stocks German quark cheese; has anybody ever tried that as a filling?

            And if I use quark (or fat free ricotta), herbs, and shredded zucchini, I could use my points for frying.

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              If you can get your hands on "farmer's cheese", it tastes a lot like ricotta for very little fat. Personnally, I still don't like to fry stuff. If you don't fry much, it's hard to be good at it, and then you wind up with greasy food that absorbed too much oil. At least I do. I usually just throw my squash blossoms in a green salad and eat them raw.

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                good call! quark would probably work really well because it's got a very thick & creamy texture [sort of like cream cheese]...just make sure to use the fat free kind. if you can't get it, just go for the fat free ricotta, or even well-drained nonfat yogurt or cottage cheese.

                bon appetit!

            2. we just had them in an omelette with a little feta and some chives...I don't know exactly how WW works, but it felt healthy to me! you could probably omit the feta if you wanted but if was kind of fantastic.

              1. Simple recipe....

                Lightly sautee a bit of garlic in OVOO just to infuse flavor. Then add sliced up squash and fresh tomato. Cook until both soft and season with salt and pepper and any other herb you'd like (I like Basil, but Thyme or even Marjoram would work great!). Then take the sqush blossoms and cut them in large 'chunks' (About 1 inch sections, you should get three per blossom) Don't over cook them, you are looking for highlight their flavor and 'crunch!'

                Pour over your favorite delicate pasta (Use something like Barilla plus if you are on core)