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Jul 11, 2007 10:43 AM

Fungi a la pasta, anyone?

I once had this in a restaurant (specifics: benny's in brooklyn ave. m and e18). it was mushrooms and penne in a creamy white wine reduction sauce with wild mushrooms. does anyone have a similar recipe?

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  1. No, but I will tell you how we do it at home with porcini mushrooms. Sautee some garlic in some EVOO and red chili flakes (we like a little kick in our food, but it takes away from the mildness). When softened, add sliced porcini mushrooms. If I am using fresh, no problem. If I am using dry, reconstitue with hot water first and keep chucks larger. Sautee on med, add salt, make sure to keep juices for flavour. When almost done, deglaze with white wine and reduce. Sometimes, I add the strained juice from reconstitution for a more mushroomy flavour. Add heavy cream; do not boil, just heat. We serve on egg papardelle, and grate fresh parmiggiano reggiano on top.

    We make a besciamella sauce with some white wine. Add that to the mushroom mixture instead of the heavy cream. With the nutmeg in besciamella, it is really earthy and much creamier. This one is thicker. Half of us like one kind, the other half likes the other.

    1. You could also do this with alfredo sauce. Make or buy the alfredo, add sliced porcini or whatever wild mushroom you like, a little bit of white wine (not too much or you'll thin it out too much), heat slowly until mushrooms are done, mix with fettucine.

      1. i've made many variations on this, and i've actually found my favorite in cook's illustrated. i usually add a bit more mushrooms than they call for, but it's an excellent, very simple recipe. i'm sure it's online at


        1. When I've made this, I used an assortment of fresh wild mushrooms, sliced and sauteed in butter, then added heavy cream and reduced -- basically a fettucini alfredo con funghi. I usually use romano rather than parmesan, but that's personal.

          1. Just to clarify and to facilitate future searches, it's Pasta ai funghi.