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Jul 11, 2007 10:35 AM

Dishes, 54th and Park

Today for lunch I went to Dishes for the first time to get a salad . It was crazy crowded and really expensive, but man, so much better than any other place. It proves my theory about "fake food" that all these mega delis offer. I don't know how they manage, but even salads, a compilation on non-processed foods, taste like nothing. At Dishes I got Thai Tofu and (this I loved!) caramelized shallots and both were sooo good. And they use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so my dressing was great, too. Any theories as to why the Europas of the world do it so badly? To me, their stuff tastes like nothing.

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  1. LOVE Dishes. I always feel like the only person who's been (even though it's always crowded). No one I talk to ever goes...but it's so great!