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Jul 11, 2007 10:22 AM

What's the one restaurant you have to try?

I just moved from Los Angeles to D.C. less than a month ago. I've been spoiled by the fantastic, fresh meals of the West Coast, but I'm ready to give D.C. a shot! So my question to all the locals... If there is one restaurant in the city you HAVE to try in the next six months, what would it be and why?

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  1. I've been there, but the one you need to try is Komi

    1. Minibar at Cafe Atlantico; it is not the best resturant in DC but it is unique to DC. Then go to Cityzen, Maestro, Komi, Restuarant Eve, Citronelle, and report back for more suggestions. :-)

      1. For higher end I would say Palena...front or back of the room are both excellent experiences.

        For more mid-range I would say Hank's Oyster Bar or Cashion's Eat Place. Hank's especially since you've been experiencing West Coast seafood for so long that Hank's gives you the best taste of a New England/East Coast feeling seafood joint. And Cashions just because its a wonderful neighborhood restaurant.

        I agree with the other restaurants that people have listed on the higher end. But I wanted to throw out the above places because they don't necassarily break the bank and are still excellent.

        And if you are looking for super traditional DC with an old-school feel and very good food I would check out either 1789 in Georgetown or The Prime Rib.

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        1. Oohs and Aahs. Get the lemon pepper wings, the collards, and the rice with gravy. Sit on one of the five stools in front of the kitchen. Why? Becuase you will feel that life is a pretty amazing thing.

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            I have yet to try Oohs and Aahs and reallly want to! You totally sold it to me with your great discription. Unfortunatly I just started on this annoying "eat healthy/lose weight" kick so maybe Oohs and Aahs will be my reward in a few months. :) I heard its incredible.

          2. Etete for the fastening platter with fish.