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Jul 11, 2007 10:19 AM

Has anyone been to Johnny Banana's?

Has anyone been too Johnny Bananas......on Bathurst near Queen? There is not good Mexican in this the real deal? Is it possible? How are the prices? They don't seem to have a website.

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  1. I've been to JB once for dinner and another time for their brunch and both times I wasn't thrilled. They have an extensive and interesting drinks menu (non-alcoholic and alcolholic) which is really fun and probably the best part of the restaurant IMO. I'd go back to try their other drinks.

    Bf likes the food there a lot. They have mexican lasagna made with tortillas instead of pasta as well as the usual burrito, enchilada suspects. I think they consider themselves "latin fusion".

    Price wise it's not expensive. I can't remember exactly but probably 12-16 for an entree?

    1. The correct name of the restaurant is Johny Banana (only one 'n' in 'Johny', and no apostrophe-s on 'Banana'). Search for that and you might find a website.

      I've only been there once for about 5 minutes. A group of about 8 of us were looking for a place to have dinner for my wife's birthday after our first choice couldn't accommodate us. We got in, sat down, and realized that the music was so loud that we couldn't hear each other unless we all shouted, so we left.

      1. I love the food there - so delicious - they make homemade tortillas!

        1. check out this earlier thread - lots of mixed reviews about Johny Banana's - personally i liked it

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            I was just there last weekend. Was my second trip and always enjoy it. The margaritas are some of the best in the city. Very fresh and tasty.

            I had the chicken mole burrito and it was pretty good. Last time I had the special tacos which, I forger what they called them, but was basically steak and melted cheese and they were amzing.

            I enjoyed my meal more last time because the tacos were amzing. Tried to order them again but it was a special that's not on the menu.

            Even with the amazing tacoless meal it was still very good so worth checking out!

            I've lived in both Texas and California for work and know good mexican food, this is a bit different but very tasty.

          2. For Authentic Mexican... El Trumpo in Kensington Market on Augusta.

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              I think they have the best margaritas in the city....and I've tried many! I love the food too...and my mexican pals consider their food the most authentic in the city.