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Jul 11, 2007 10:16 AM

Favorite Grocery Stores

I was curious what stores chowhounds would recommend for their grocery shopping. Do people stick with the basics (Gristedes, D'Agostino's, Whole Foods, etc.) or are there more unique spots that some prefer?

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  1. I'm a diehard Fairway shopper (supplemented with greenmarket stuff). I used to try to get some things at D'Ags or Food Emporium but gave up since I think it mostly stinks (at least in my neighborhood). I've tried Whole Foods too but it's further for me and much much more expensive. At Fairway I especially like the produce, organics, and bulk selections; and I adore their cheese selection (oh, and their olive oils). And I have always had good interactions with the staff there -- especially at the cheese area.

    1. fairway.
      pathmark. Some of them have ethnic section where I can get my grace scotch bonnet sauce.

      ethnic marts
      kam man in chinatown on canal. various chinatown street vendors and meat markets.
      jas mart , sunrise mart in the east village.
      han ah reum sometimes.
      various mexican grocery stores in midtown and 9th - 10th avenue. Need to get my el yucateco sauce and tapatio sauce. Get my my pork rinds there too.
      zabars - smoked fish, pates, bagels etc...

      costco in the outer burroughs. freshest produce at a good price and thick cuts of meat.

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        hello randumbposter,

        I visit my mom in NY every couple of weeks, and desperately need to renew my tapatio and other mexican groceries. Can you tell me where your favorites are?

        I can't keep flying back to California to load up on Tapatio and chipotles. Helppppp!


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          kam man has the best roasted duck. It's hanging in the window, does it get any better than that?

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            Hi randumbposter,

            What market do you get your El Yucateco sauce in San Francisco?

          2. Whole Foods, Gourmet Garage

            1. Lots of good ideas here...also Kalustyan's is one of the very best in the city!


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                Kalustyans is wonderful for all sorts of ethnic products. Citarella is my "main" grocery store - I like their fish and meat, and find them actually more reasonable than Food Emporium, which I abhor. I'll stop in at Eli's up Third Avenue if I can't find something there. I occasionally shop at Grace's Market Place - there are some things they carry - like Ancho chiles - that I know I can't find at Citarella. We also enjoy making early Saturday morning pilgrimages down town, which may include some combination of Di Palo's, Despana, Murray's, Faicco, Ottomanelli and the Lobster Place (the latter four on Bleecker). Every once and a while we'll go to Fairway. We make probably a monthly trip to Whole Foods (6th Avenue - the one at Union Square is a PITA to shop at IMHO) to stock up on their Italian sparkling mineral water, peanut butter, meats, boneless chicken thighs, their dairy product prices are quite good, bulk nuts, WF olive oil etc. My husband also goes to Costco sometimes to stock up on non-food items, and will buy jumbo lump crabmeat, rack of lamb, Kirkland's olive oil (yes we go through a lot of olive oil), etc.

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                  How much is the jumbo lump crabmeat at Costco? Is the quality as good as Citarella's? Also, which Costco does your husband go to?

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                    It's Phillips brand from Costco - I would say it is not quite as nice as Citarella's, but I think it is about $15 for 16 oz. He goes to the Costco up in Westchester - by the Stew Leonard's.

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                    Another favorite - The Ravioli Store - for, what else, ravioli.

                    Ravioli Store
                    43-44 21st St, Queens, NY 11101

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                      I just read on another thread that The Ravioli Store has closed, but that they maybe selling their products through other stores.

                2. i love:
                  chelsea market
                  the greenmarket in union square (monday, wednesday, friday, saturday)
                  sunrise mart
                  random vegetable stands in chinatown (can't miss them, just walk around)
                  murray's cheese! yum!
                  fairway and citarella when i used to live on the uws. also bruno ravioli for their fresh pastas.

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                  1. re: shirlotta

                    I love the chelsea market. Lobster place is awesome, amy's breads is always good, and manhattan fruit and vegetable is really cheap and has a good selection (usually). It does lack, though, a good place to get good cheese and a decent butcher. I one time asked the guy at Frank's to debone a chicken for me and he looked about as happy to help as I look on Saturday morning at 8am after a night of drinking.

                    1. re: john

                      really? i've always found the guys at frank's to be very helpful. maybe it's because i'm a girl. heh.

                      i love all of the above, as well as ronnybrook's dairy products, the chelsea wine vault, the kitchen supply store in there, the italian market, and fat witch brownies.