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Jul 11, 2007 10:15 AM

El Torero - Milford, CT

I took my wife and 1-yr-old son to this "authentic Mexican" spot on the Post Road recently to meet some friends. When I walked in carrying the boy, the hostess whisked us past the front tables and patio area to a small, isolated room in the back of the place. Not exactly kid-friendly. And when you're at the outer reaches of a restaurant, your waitress doesn't get to you very often.

We got chipotle shrimp poppers and some burritos, with sides of rice and beans. Sounds pretty good, right? It wasn't. The chipotle flavor was nonexistent. The poppers had been deep-fried to the point of unrecognizability. The burritos were bland, and the rice had hardened. Everything tasted like it had sat around for quite a while before it made it onto our plates. Overall, the food was...meh.

This place looks pretty fun from the road, with the outdoor patio and the signs promising delicious happy hour drinks. Maybe it *is* worthwhile if you're just hitting happy hour for a beverage or two and having a snack at the bar. But the restaurant isn't great. Skip it.

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