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extraordinary tomatoes, I-80 (SF to Sacto)?

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I'm making several trips soon between SF and Sacramento. Can anyone recommend produce stands, farmers' markets, or other retailers that are now selling tomatoes that are good enough to be worth a detour off I-80? Thanks.

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  1. Davis has a good farmers' market on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, with good tomatoes (it is at Central Park in Downtown Davis, essentially at the intersection of Third and C Streets). There is also Pedrick Produce just off 80 between Dixon and Davis (you can see it from the freeway and I think it is the Pedrick Road exit) which has good produce.

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      Do you happen to know if Pedrick's is selling local tomatoes yet? The farmers' markets I go to in San Francisco don't have much of a selection yet. Thanks for the tip.

      1. re: david kaplan

        No idea about Pedrick's. Sorry.

        1. re: tnilsson

          No problem. It's a very small detour of I-80 and sounds worth checking out. Thanks.