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Jul 11, 2007 09:37 AM

Place to take a girl for dinner [Moved from Ontario board]

I want to take a special girl out for dinner. We have been seeing each other for a while. Any suggestions? Price is not really a problem.

The other question I have is what are some definite no-nos at the dinner table. I am more interested in hearing from women on this one.

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  1. Give us some parameters, please. Location? Price? Atmosphere? Type of food?

    What not to do at the dinner table: gasp at the menu prices, order for or before her, chew with your mouth open, use your thumb as a knife or spoon, look at other women, cut up all your food at once, burp or fart, not be willing to try anything she offers you, make any derogatory comment about how much she eats, esp, if it's dessert.

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      I know it's petty but it really bothers me when people don't know how to grab a fork or spoon properly. I've witnessed guys grab their spoon or fork with the palms of their hands and shovel food into their mouths.

    2. Agree with nurse-y that more parameters are needed for specific restaurant recommend-ing.

      Meanwhile, another "don't" for dining... don't be rude or condescending to your servers or to the restaurant staff. Even if service is less-than, downright rude-ness is never attractive. I'm also always embarrassed if my date is a cheap tipper. And never tuck your napkin around your neck - ack!

      1. How about not using the word girl to describe a woman over the age of 18 (which I assume your date is).

        The above lists on what not to do are great. What to do - ask questions and then listen to the answers; offer to share an appetizer or dessert; be aware of and sensitive to her comfort (i.e. if the restaurant is cold, crowded, etc.).

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          What about cooking a nice meal at your place...lotsa good recipes here. Women love a guy who can cook (or so I'm told)

        2. Don't get offended if she leans over to take a bite off your plate (that means she's probably quite comfortable with you and is being a little saucy). Don't assume anything about her taste and/or wine knowledge (ie: I hate when a guy orders wine without asking and/or consulting).

          And fully, completely agree with Rabbit; cheap tipper = no second date (ewww!)

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            I wouldn't dream of defending cheap tippers, but how would the date know? Another rule: if you're taking someone out... don't show them the bill or your credit-card slip.

          2. This thread is full of great suggestions www.chowhound.com/topics/380519 (chowhounders really came to my rescue! Thanks


            I agree, more info please. But without it, I would offer the following: Mildred Pierce before it's gone or Globe.
            Also, don't try too overly hard to impress - I mean this in the sense that you don't have to order the most expensive bottle of wine and have the knowledge of a sommelier. Kind of romantic to experiment and make decisions like that together... Be respectful of the restaurant staff, tip appropriately. Be gallant, but not condescending. She might appreciate it if you pushed in her chair for her when she sits, but she won't want you cutting her food...if you get my drift. (Also, maybe this is a generational thing? Without wanting to offend, I've found that sometimes women of my mom's generation really go for the chivalry, while it puts off some women of my generation. Women are perfectly capable of opening doors themselves, just it's nice sometimes to have one opened for you....depends on what type of woman she is. You'll know if you've gone too far!)
            Don't fret about conversation. Let it just happen. Listen to what she says. (If you panic - don't resort to complaining about everything just to keep conversation going, or to try to show how refined you are...)
            Just be yourself, you've been seeing each other for a while - you must be doing something right.

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