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Black and White Cookie

Does anyone know where I could get the black and white cookie like they had on Seinfeld in the Toronto area? I hope to find the same size as the ones on Seinfeld. How much do these cost? Thx!

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  1. Look to the cookie Elaine, look to the cookie...

    1. Prague Deli used to sell them before the reno - always saw them in the window. Not sure that they still do....anyone?

      1. I would love to know the answer to this as well, if there is one. I used to get them in Ottawa at the french bakery in Byward Market, then one day showed up to buy them, and they acted like I was crazy even asking for them. One day there, next day gone. I haven't had one in years!

        1. I haven't seen the Seinfeld ep in a while but, as I recall, that's a big cookie. It's hard to find a real NYC style cookie like that but I know two places that have pretty good ones.
          One is My Zaidy's Bakery on Bathurst Street, a bit north of Steeles in Thornhill.
          A kosher Second Cup just opened at the Sobey's plaza (also Thornhill) on Clark Ave., east of Bathurst. They have the cookies as well.

          I'm not sure who supplies their pastries so possibly it's the same cookie but it was yummy anyway....

          I haven't really seen any in the 416 proper but hopefully Thornhill isn't tooooo far to go.

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            I have seen them at Kosher City Plus on Bathurst (west side between Lawrence and Wilson). They are brought in from a bakery in Brooklyn whose name escapes me (epicentre of kosher world). Note, the store brings them in and freezes them and takes them out regularly so they are not fresh. When I fiound that out, I decided not to try them.

          2. before you go searching the city for the cookie, you should know that what you will find here is a sugar cookie that is iced with vanilla icing on half and chocolate on the other half. not very exciting or interesting.

            in new york there is, or used to be, a bakery that made black & white cookies that were actually from cake batter. slightly better.

            are you just feeling nostalgic for seinfeld?

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              Yeah, the New York ones are more cakey and the ones here are more cookie-y.
              Some are better than others but none (that I've found) are AUTHENTIC.

              World class city, indeed....

              1. re: fleisch

                Um. I'm not worried about whether TO is "world-class" or not. But if so I'd be worried about many baked goods, from croissants to char siu bao, before B&W cookies. Do they have great Black & White cookies in Paris? Hong Kong?

                1. re: julesrules

                  I just love how people constantly ask if a particular regional specialty (Maui Potato Chips, Black and White Cookies) exists in Toronto then complain at what a lack of "world class-ness" (for lack of a better description) Toronto has when their particular object of desire is not available here...what makes the city world class is what it *DOES* have folks...

                  I guess I'm lucky in that I get to travel as part of my chosen career (I'm a musician) so I can try black and white cookies in New York (honestly it's a small tough cake with Chocolate and white 7 minute frosting on it), New York Style Pizza, Chicago Style Pizza, Mufaletta from New Orleans, *proper* barbecue, chitlins and greens that are both edible and delicious.

                  It's always been my view that if I want to try a regional speciality - I should go to that region and see how it is done there!

                  I, myself, am thankful that we have interesting places to eat, both high and low end and that we have a wide variety of cuisines to choose from. Yes we don't have a decent Mexican restaurant yet and the Moroccan choices are shaky at best but we do have decent, if not excellent Portuguese, Chinese, Hakka, Sushi, Italian, Greek, Indian, Viet, Thai, Ethiopian, etc.

                  It's what we do have that defines Toronto a world class city, let's not lose sight of that folks. If the people of Toronto start believing that it is anything less than a world class city, then it will continue to falter.

                  1. re: Mike from Hamilton

                    I was joking with the world class remark - sorry if that didn't come through.
                    Just poking a little fun at our fair city and its everlasting desire to be "world class." If the city happens NOT to be world class I assure you the lack of good black and white cookies is not a factor...I'm pretty sure any way :)

            2. I grew up in New York City way back when, in the era of Ebinger's bakery. I believe I can speak with some authority about this. It is a long lived regional specialty, but I have now idea why.

              These "cookies" (they are actually a dry, tough cake batter) weren't good in the fifties and they aren't good now. They are usually stale when you buy them and the icings have never been anything special. The frozen ones at Kosher City Plus, which I've never had, are likely as "authentic" as anything else you'll find. If you encounter one that is truly wonderful, it is most certainly not authentic.

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                The authentic cookie made Jerry hurl, if I'm not mistaken.

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                  I'm sorry to hear they're not as tasty as I thought they would be. They looked great on Seinfeld and I imagined they would be chewy. I guess they do have a race riot in your stomach lol.

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                    I don't know if they were authentic but my grandmother made them and they were wonderful. 'course they were a chocolate cake type cookie base, not the sugar I've seen recently.

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                      At the risk of revitalizing a dead thread - they're probably available elsewhere too but I recently tried the Schlick's cookies which Sobey's (Thornhill) has been importing from New York.
                      They're li'l cookies but they taste fresh and totally authentic, IMHO. Closest thing to a real one I've tasted in the GTA, complete with the slight bite of lemon on the white side.