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Jul 11, 2007 09:36 AM

Where to buy mozzarella?

I am looking for a place to buy really good fresh mozzarella and a block of aged parm. I will travel for food, but would love to have a local place to frequent in my general area. I'm talking montgomery county; cheltenham, jenkintown, abington, anywhere close. Or NE philly. I want to keep the price relatively inexpensive as I don't have a big food budget. A couple people from my office suggested whole foods or trader joes, any suggestions on brands? As always your ideas are appreciated.

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  1. You may never have fresher mozzarella that traveling in to Center City to Claudio's cheese factory in the Italian Market (the cheese factory, not the store). They make the cheese fresh their constantly. Often you can ask for 'whatever's still warm.' Thank you.

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      Thanks. I kinda figured that the Italian Market would have to be my destination, but I would like somewhere closer to home.

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        Where is home? No, I don't want to come and visit but if you're more specific then we can help provide a solution near home. If you're anywhere near Norristown, there is a Taluto's outlet store in Trooper than makes their own mozarella and it is very good.

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        Mancuso and Son on Passyunk Ave. around 13th also makes fresh mozzarella and ricotta daily. They also have the best water ice I've ever had.

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          Claudio's fresh mozzarella is also available at Sue's produce at 18th/Sansom

        2. You can go to Taste of Italy on Bethlehem Pike in Springhouse. You could also go to Altemonte's in Warminster.

          1. I used to get good mozarella at a little Italian grocery on Rt13/Frankford Ave about 1/2 mile south of Woodhaven Rd. Anyone know what I am talking about and if it is still there?

            1. There's an Italian deli called (I think) Sam's on Rte 63 west of the Willow Grove mall -- just drive west and it's on the left a block or so after a traffic light with a bank on the corner and a couple of blocks before Sam's Club -- if you get there you've gone too far! They have fresh mozarella (large & small balls) and ricotta and 1 day a week they have whole wheat Italian bread -- Wednesday, I think. If you ever go to Willow Grove Park it's very convenient.

              1. As a couple others have suggested, I think Altomonte's in Warminster is a great idea. They have 3 different kinds of mozzarella cheese balls you can buy. Sam's Italian Market in Willow Grove/Horsham is also excellent. They have a great variety of Italian foods including mozzarella cheese. One other suggestion would be Steve Stein's Deli in Northeast Philadelphia located in the Krewstown shopping center. Good luck.

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                  Thanks for the suggestions! I've been to Sam's before, so I will probably try there first. I will also try the Steve Stein's Deli, that is not out of the way for me.