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Jul 11, 2007 09:34 AM

Morton's? [moved from DC/Baltimore board]

I have never been to Morton's much, I've never had an expense account big enough. But one of my clients is located next to a Morton's and we have gone there a bunch of times.

Maybe I am missing something. The prices are outrageously high and the discussion of the food by the server is worthy of an infomercial. But the food itself is, well, average and bland.

I've had the "stacked" NY strip, which is thinly sliced NY strip stacked with alternating beefsteak tomatoes and purple onion. This has a strange bachelor appeal, but comes almost completely unseasoned, and the steak is mediocre. And nobody thinks that beefsteak tomatoes are actually good for eating.

Other steak dishes present a completely unseasoned steak. Sure, it's a decent steak, but for $40 I expect something more than a supermarket steak thrown in a pan. Even the side dishes such as asparagus or mushrooms come out completely unseasoned. Am I supposed to ask them to put salt and pepper on it, or pay extra for some sauce?

There was a seafood skewer, which was decent, but an almost laughably small portion, worthy of an appetizer. I guess this is what your petite, female date is supposed to get while you gorge yourself on a 60oz porterhouse?

There must be something in the experience I'm missing because the place is always packed despite the prices. Help!


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  1. I go there often because of the same exact reason and my client likes their eggs benedict with smoked salmon which they will make for him at anytime. I always get the filet and I don't think it is that noteworthy and would rather go to Charlie Palmer's or Ray's for steak myself... I do like it when I get to sit on the balcony and enjoy a break in the sun... the food isn't bad just not worth the money, I don't like that bread that they seem to think is really good. I wouldn't choose to eat here, but when I am not paying for it and my client wants to go I get the filet and a salad or their lobster bisque...

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      I actually went the day you posted it this :( I don't know if you have clients in the building with the Mortons (DC location for all non-DCers), but I will tell you that I think they must be the ones driving the sales it was pouring down the rain and client didn't want to walk anywhere. The place was packed with suits. If only the law firm in the building wasn't so huge...

    2. I don't know what to tell you because I am totally missing the point at Morton's also. I thought it was just me, but then looking around at the crowd (in Toronto) which was almost all over 65, I wondered if the lack of season was deliberate.

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        we went there once for our wedding anniversary - we had a gift certificate - and the best part of the meal was the molten chocolate cake. ;-)

      2. Is it just me...because I think the steaks are pretty darn good

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          Well you see this started in the DC board and was moved to chains. In DC there are just a plethora of over great choices which are much cheaper than Morton's and have a much better taste. In areas with less competition in good steak it probably isn't as bad, but here we have incredible places that are much cheaper.