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Jul 11, 2007 09:28 AM

Butcher in Milford/Stratford?

I just moved to Milford, CT, in Devon just across the bridge from Stratford. I have a one-year-old who devours meat of all kinds like it's going out of style. The grocery options nearby are okay, but I'm looking for a butcher in the area, for those good cuts of meat, like beef brisket, or pork ribs that aren't "country style". Things like homemade sausage and some decent prosciutto would be a plus. Any suggestions?

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  1. As a summer resident of Milford, I bemoan the lack of a decent butcher in Milford (or for that matter, a decent fish market). Being non-summer residents of New Haven, we have the luxury of #1 Fish in Milford, Whitneyville Mkt for meats, and Nica's for wonderful Italian deli and prepared foods. My wife, who works in New Haven, generally brings these things back to our Milford home!
    We DO make trips to Stew Leonard's in Norwalk when we want the "good stuff." We love their skirt steaks and their other specialty items.

    1. What about Liscio's Meat Land in Bridgeport on the Stratford/Bridgeport line, next to Vazzy's on Broadbridge Road; it would be an easy drive from where you live and worth it to stock up. If you want to treat yourself, get the prime rib steaks. THere is a slovak place in Stratford in Stationhouse Square in Stratford for Kielbasa, etc. (Cross into Stratford onto Barnum Ave, make a right on Main, right into Stationhouse.) I might have the ethnicity wrong, but I only went there once and can't really comment on the specifics but lots of sausage, etc. I think it might be called Baltik Deli. If you do go to Liscio's plan to go to Food World to stock up on fresh veggies--not the best looking grocery but you cannot beat their prices and quality for fresh produce.

      1. Again, not in Milford/Stratford but A&S on Blackrock Turnpike in Fairfield. The Meat Barn
        on Lucy St in Woodbridge (just of exit 59 on Merritt). And the aformentioned Stew leonards,#1 Fish, and Nica's