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Jul 11, 2007 08:52 AM

Looking for a festive night out in Austin

I am planning a friends Bachelor party in Austin. We are looking for somewhere to go out on friday night. Something with a great festive atmosphere but also delicouse regional food. It shouldnt be over the top expensive but a little on the pricey side is fine.
Any and all sugestions would be apreciated!

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  1. A really fun place to take a bunch of people from out of town is the Salt Lick, it is a 15 minute drive out of town, but it is a beautiful trip. You can get family style dinner where they put ribs, sausage, brisket, the best potato salad ever, and other sides on the table and they will keep bringing you more until you are done.

    1. I helped plan a friend of mines bachelor party a back in May. We ended up picking Z'Tejas on 6th. The food is decent, not too expensive and has a southwestern flair. They have pretty good drinks as well. I thought they did a nice job of handling our large party and it was very easy to walk to a lot of bars from there.

      Just to note, we were all in our 30's so we stayed away from the younger part of 6th street with all the college bars.

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        these suggestions sound great.
        Does anyone else have any other ideas?

        1. re: gastrognome

          I guess a coupld of questions for you are in order, gastrognome:

          1) How many people in your party?
          2) What time of year (outdoor options)
          3) Are the guys more like poetry readers/wine drinkers or will you be going to a strip bar (I'm not bringing this up, amysue did)? My famous statement about strip bars is "I always get drug in kicking and screaming, then I have to get drug out kicking and screaming."

      2. (Can't believe a GIRL has to suggest this, and how crass I am for doing so, but...)

        I used to work in a construction company right next door to Sugar's Caberet. Needless to say, I've been in there a couple of times.

        If the chef is still the same, the food there is excellent - Really...and of course you have probably the highest caliber "entertainment" (the women there are really quite attractive) for such an occasion.

        (I'm so ashamed)

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        1. re: amysuehere

          Having brought two prospective weddings to a grinding halt by my choice of bachelor party venues[3 hour drive to Acuna for supper at Emanuels followed by a visit to Boy's Town,a mere 10 minute cab ride from the lovely and historic downtown area]I'm loath to reply but......Sugar's is a good spot for a perfectly cooked Black Angus ribeye and they do have plenty,attractive dancing naked ladies.XTC Cabaret is also a good source for a bachelor party[the ladies are completely bereft of garments,they have a kitchen but it is not of note].Another option would be to have a nice meal on the patio at El Gallo on South Congress followed by a whirlwind tour of Expose',3 minutes further south[the ladies are well fed and quite friendly] then Palazzio where the ladies are not as well nourished but still quite accomodating...have any energy left?How about finishing the night up at The Landing Strip where,a friend in the industry informs me;the ladies finish up their careers in the skin trade after being banished from the more "prudish" spots in town.

          1. re: Rene

            Awesome stuff! I love the suggestions.

            So the food at Sugars is actually decent?

            What is El Gallo all about?

            The dates are november 10th and 11th.

            The group is about 9 or `10 people.
            We have some real seriouse chowhounds in the group who would apreciate some excellent food, at the same time we want to have a blast. A long drawn feast could be cool. Also some classier type gentelmans clubs are not to be ruled out.
            All the usual bachelor type locales such as cigar or whiskey bars could be positive if anyone has any recommends.

            I guess the bottom line is we are aiming for something in between sleazy and classy, and have some people who apreciate great unfussy food.

            thanks yall!

            1. re: gastrognome

              vivo's in east austin is a FUN place and pretty good tex mex too.