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Jul 11, 2007 08:40 AM

shish-kabob house in Kenner

Newish middle eastern joint in Kenner. Halal meats, including goat. On Williams, downriver side, between West Esp & Vintage. Here's a link to the menu: http://www.menuorleans.com/shish-kabo...

Shishkabob House
3226 Williams Blvd, Kenner, LA 70065

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  1. Dined in last week, only one other table occupied at 7:30 on a Thursday. Located in a strip mall that also houses a halal butcher. Decor was pleasant, except for the plastic table & chair covers. Hummus was good, but basic in presentation (no lemon juice or pine nuts or zaatar garnishes). Chicken shwarma wasn't the street-food kind roasted on a vertical spit; rather, it was thinly pounded, marinated white-meat chicken, grilled & thinly sliced, served with a light yogurt sauce over a bed of (boring) yellow rice. Lula kabob (ground lamb) was delicious; simply seasoned, with fresh lamb flavor (not tending toward the funky/gamy as some ground lamb served in these parts). The place has been open around 7 months; one server/busboy/cashier and one cook, who were both hospitable (I asked for substitutions on the dinner menu, and they happily accomodated). In terms of local middle eastern dining, I'd rank it as good as Mona's but not quite up to Cafe Lebanon. It's a nice addition to the Kenner ethnic dining scene.

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      I agree in part. The place is usually empty but the food and willingness to accommodate are are good. But I disagree in the respect that cafe Lebanon is better. I find Cafe Lebenon no better in terms of food- some dishes are better here then there and vice versa, but there are no big differences in terms of quality.

    2. I use to frequent this place when it was Jerusalem Deli on Carrollton near Canal but it closed after Katrina. Did not know till about a year and half ago that they reopened in Kenner. I absolutely love this place and stop everytime I come to New Orleans. You can find my earlier review of Jerusalem Deli here.


      The baba ghanouj, the shawarma and pretty much everything I tried is exactly as I remembered. Great owners too and I wish more people would support their business. Did have a conversation with owner's son who said they were looking for a location inside New Orleans proper. Also a great stop to/from airport esp. for visitors who may tire of the more common Cajun/Creole cuisine. Lots of interesting options out there on Williams Blvd. these days.